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Glossary - T

Click on letter to jump to the list of terms starting with that letter. Click on a term to jump to the full definition. The excerpts on this page show the first line of each definition.

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  • 'TuteThe Institute (i.e. MIT)
  • TATeaching Assistant
  • Table CatalogData Warehouse term: A list of tables displayed in BrioQuery which you are authorized to use to build queries.
  • Table NameData Warehouse term: This is the name of a table stored in the Data Warehouse. These table names are the same as those seen in the "Table Catalog" in BrioQuery.
  • TablesData Warehouse term: Logical groupings of data items.
  • TAGTown and Gown (team)
  • TALARISTerrestrial Artificial Lunar And Reduced Gravity Simulator (Aero-Astro project, a collaboration between the MIT Space Systems Laboratory and Draper Laboratory)
  • TAPTechnology Architecture and Planning - Sub team in ITAG
  • TAP (program)Technology Adaptation Program
  • TBITransaction-Based Index
  • TBPTau Beta Pi (national engineering honor society)
  • TCTheta Chi (also known as TX)
  • TCATechnology Community Association
  • TCCTechnology Children's Center, Inc.
  • TCC (Tech Catholic Community)A community of Roman Catholics at MIT who minister to the community.
  • TCFTechnology and Culture Forum
  • TCGAThe Cancer Genome Atlas
  • TCP IP (Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol)These two protocols were developed by the U.S. military to allow computers to talk to each other over long distance networks.
  • TCWTechnology Community Women
  • TDATax-Deferred Annuity (plan)
  • T-DayTechnology Day
  • TDCTheta Delta Chi
  • TDPTechnology and Development Program
  • TEALTechnology Enabled Active Learning
  • TechLinkJoint venture between the MIT Sloan Senate and the Graduate Student Council to provide links among graduate and professional students at MIT
  • TEKTime Equals Knowledge
  • TELAMSTechnology Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Structures
  • TEPTeacher Education Program
  • TEP (Tau Epsilon Phi)A fraternity of MIT
  • TESSTransiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite
  • TFOTemporary Faculty Office
  • THATechnology Hackers Association
  • THSTITranslational Health Science and Technology Institute of India
  • TIPSTraining and Intervention Procedures program, which teaches how to serve alcohol responsibly
  • TLLTeaching and Learning Laboratory
  • TLOTechnology Licensing Office
  • TMRCTech Model Railroad Club
  • TNQTechnique, MIT's yearbook
  • TNSTelecommunications and Network Services (in Information Systems; outdated as of 2004)
  • TNSTAAFL"There's no such thing as a free lunch" - name used for IS lunch seminars prior to 2003
  • TOEFLTest of English as a Foreign Language
  • Torrentusually refers to a file downloadable via the BitTorrent client or other peer-to-peer file sharing clients implementing BitTorrent's peer-to-peer protocol.
  • TOTToys of Tomorrow (old)
  • TouchstoneA web authentication system.
  • TPPTechnology and Policy (Ph.D.) program
  • TRTechnology Review
  • TransceiverA piece of networking hardware usually used to moderate interfaces.
  • TRBTechnology Review Board - sub team of ITAG (thru 2007)
  • Trendrefers to IT activity or incidents MIT is monitoring because they may be related. Trends may turn into identified problems, but may also just continue to be watched as trends.
  • TREXTraveling Research Environmental Experiences
  • TrojanA program that appears desirable to encourage downloading and/or running the program, but actually contains something undesirable, often in addition to the desirable program.
  • TSCAToxic Substances Control Act
  • TTTThings That Think
  • TWASThird World Academy of Sciences
  • TWOTechnology Wives Organization (old)
  • TypeData Warehouse term: Refers to how tables are used in constructing queries.


Provides definitions for common IT terms and acronyms

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April 26, 2016

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