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Glossary - W

Click on letter to jump to the list of terms starting with that letter. Click on a term to jump to the full definition. The excerpts on this page show the first line of each definition.

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  • W1MXA high-frequency radio club
  • W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
  • WAGWomen's Advisory Group
  • WAUSWindows Automatic Update Service (offered by Information Systems and Technology)
  • WAYF - Where Are You From?A service to guide a user to his or her Identity Provider.
  • WBWTWright Brothers Wind Tunnel (in Aero-Astro)
  • WebAuthOne of the authentication servers used by MIT Touchstone is based on Stanford's WebAuth package.
  • WebSISWeb-(based) Student Information System
  • WELWorld Economy Laboratory (Economics)
  • WGRWorking Group Recycling (Committee)
  • WGSWomen's and Gender Studies
  • WGSSIWorking Group on Support Staff Issues
  • WHOIWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Whole Disk EncryptionSoftware that encrypts everything on a user’s hard drive.
  • WIWhitehead Institute
  • WICGRWhitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research
  • is MIT's central wiki server. The wiki service running on is based on Atlassian's Confluence enterprise wiki application, and is available to the entire MIT community.
  • WILGWomen's Independent Living Group
  •'s central Windows domain
  • WinAthenaA legacy name for some computers in the domain. This term should no longer be used as it has no well-defined meaning.
  • WISPWritten Information Security Program
  • WMBRMIT FM Radio Station - "Walker Memorial Basement Radio"
  • WSRIWeb Science Research Initiative
  • WTBSFormer call letters of WMBR Radio prior to 1979, for "Technology Broadcasting System." Ted Turner acquired the WTBS call letters.
  • WWWWorld Wide Web


Provides definitions for common IT terms and acronyms

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April 26, 2016

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