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Glossary - H

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  • HALHumans and Automation Lab
  • HALPHousing Assistance Loan Program (for MIT faculty)
  • HapMapA comprehensive genomic catalog (from "haplotypes")
  • HASSHumanities, Arts and Social Sciences (requirement)
  • HASS-DHumanities, Arts and Social Sciences Distribution (requirement)
  • HASTSHistory, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, and Society
  • HCEDHousing, Community and Economic Development
  • HCFHispanic College Fund
  • HCHPHarvard Community Health Plan
  • HERC(New England) Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
  • HermesHermes was the project name of The Knowledge Base (this site).
  • HesiodA name service that keeps track of information (e.g., post office servers, printers, and machines) in a distributed network environment such as MITnet. Hesiod keeps track of each registered MIT email user's post office server where his/her email account resides.
  • HETEHigh-Energy Transient Explorer (satellite)
  • HHMIHoward Hughes Medical Institute
  • HHS(Federal Department of) Health and Human Services
  • HIEHighlands and Islands Enterprise network
  • HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • HISPHosts-To-International-Students Program
  • HKUHong Kong University
  • HMSHarvard Medical School
  • HMTL(Warren M. Rohsenow) Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory
  • HOCHumanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) Overview Committee
  • Home addressusually refers to localhost or, which are special addresses that always refer to the computer they are being referenced on.
  • Home pagecan have several different meanings depending on context. It most commonly refers to the top-most page of a web site for a person or organization.
  • Host Operating SystemA term often used in relation to virtualization. It refers to the operating system run on the physical machine.
  • HRHuman Resources
  • HROHuman Resource Officer
  • HRPDHuman Resource Practices Development team
  • HSNHuman Services Network
  • HST(Harvard-MIT Division of) Health Sciences and Technology
  • HTCHistory, Theory and Criticism of Architecture, Art and Urban Form
  • HTFHypermedia Teaching Facility
  • HUGE FundHelping Undergraduates Gain Excellence Fund
  • Hum-DHumanities Distribution (subject)
  • HVRLHigh Voltage Research Laboratory


Provides definitions for common IT terms and acronyms

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April 26, 2016

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