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Glossary - M

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  • M.A.A.Master in Architecture Advanced Studies (degree)
  • M.A.E.Materials Engineer (degree)
  • M.Arch.Master of Architecture (degree)
  • M.B.A.Master of Business Administration (degree)
  • M.C.P.Master in City Planning (degree)
  • M.E.Mechanical Engineer (degree)
  • M.E.B.E.Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering (degree)
  • M.M.E.Marine Mechanical Engineer (degree)
  • M.P.H.Master in Public Health (degree)
  • MACMulti-Level Access Computer or Machine-Aided Cognition
  • MAC (Media Access Control) AddressA unique identifier on a network interface card; on most wireless cards, this is the 12 character (hexadecimal) string printed on the card.
  • MacGMacGregor House
  • MADMECMIT and Dow Materials Engineering Contest
  • MAESMexican American Engineers and Scientists, Society of
  • MalwareMalicious software that infects a device
  • MAPMidcareer Acceleration Program (taught on the MIT campus with internships at company sites)
  • MARCMARC Records Management System
  • MASMedia Arts and Sciences (and the degree program)
  • MASCOMedical Area Service Corporation
  • MASCOTMIT Astronomical Spectrometer Camera for Optical Telescopes
  • MAS LabMobile Autonomous Systems Laboratory
  • MassDTIMassachusetts Defense Technology Initiative
  • Master DataData Warehouse term: Information describing characteristics of information such as cost collectors, customers, or vendors.
  • MBLMarine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole)
  • MBTAMassachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Also known as the "T".
  • MCATMedical College Admissions Test
  • MCCMIT Computer Connection
  • MCILMarine Computation and Instrumentation Laboratory
  • MDSManaged Desktop Services (Information Systems & Technology)
  • MechE(Department of) Mechanical Engineering
  • MediaAny portable data storage method such as paper hard copies, external USB hard drives, CDs/DVDs, etc.
  • MEETMiddle East Education through Technology (program)
  • MEGA WomenMechanical Engineering Graduate Association of Women
  • MEMPMedical Engineering and Medical Physics
  • MEMSMicroelectromechanical Systems
  • MetadataData Warehouse term: Data (information) about data. Term which describes the data.
  • MGHMassachusetts General Hospital
  • MGH-HMS CNSRMassachusetts General Hospital-Harvard Medical School Center for Nervous System Repair
  • MHECMassachusetts Higher Education Consortium
  • MIMedical Informatics
  • MIBRMcGovern Institute for Brain Research
  • MIDASMIT's Information Distribution and Access System
  • MIG (1)Microsystems Industrial Group
  • MIG (2)Minority Interest Group
  • MIMEMIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is an encoding method designed for exchanging binary files over the Internet (particularly via email messages) in a standardized, platform-independent form using a coding scheme called base64. A MIME-encoded message can contain several parts, each of which can be a different type of file: ASCII text, pictures, video, sound, or any other type of binary data.
  • MINDMental Illness and Neuroscience Discovery (Institute)
  • MINTReplace this text with one or more definitions for this term. Remember to use a pair of {excerpt} tags to contain the text you want displayed on the glossary index pages.
  • MISTIMIT International Science and Technology Initiatives Program
  • MITAAMIT Athletic Association
  • MITACMIT Activities Committee
  • MIT Alertthe Institute's emergency notification program, designed to provide information and advisories via a number of communication channels
  • MITBSUMIT Black Student Union
  • MITCETMIT Council on Educational Technology
  • MITCOMIT Chamber Orchestra
  • MITCRCMIT Community Running Club
  • MITCREMIT's Center for Real Estate
  • MITCTLReplace this text with one or more definitions for this term. Remember to use a pair of {excerpt} tags to contain the text you want displayed on the glossary index pages.
  • MITEIMIT Energy Initiative
  • MIT E-NewsReplace this text with one or more definitions for this term. Remember to use a pair of {excerpt} tags to contain the text you want displayed on the glossary index pages.
  • MITERSMIT Electronic Research Society
  • MITESMinority Introduction to Engineering and Science
  • MITFCUReplace this text with one or more definitions for this term. Remember to use a pair of {excerpt} tags to contain the text you want displayed on the glossary index pages.
  • MITHASMIT Heritage of the Art of South Asia
  • MITILACMIT Information Laboratory Automatic Coding
  • MITIMCoMassachusetts Institute of Technology Investment Management Company
  • MIT IQMIT Information Quality program
  • MITnetthe short name for the MIT campus network.
  • MITOCMIT Outing Club
  • MITPMIT Press
  • MITPAYNot an acronym, MITPAY is the electronic presentation of the student account bill
  • MITRMIT Research Reactor
  • MITSFSMIT Science Fiction Society
  • MITSIMIT Students for Israel
  • MITSIMMicroscopic Traffic Simulator
  • MITSISMIT Student Information System (also known as WebSIS)
  • MITSOMIT Symphony Orchestra
  • MIT TechTVMIT Television
  • MITTwAMIT Tiddlywinks Association
  • MITWEMIT Wind Ensemble
  • MKIMIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research
  • MLK Leadership AwardsMartin Luther King Leadership Awards (given at MIT)
  • MLNMuseum Loan Network
  • MLOGMaster of Engineering in Logistics (degree)
  • MMITTMolecular Mechanics Interactive Teaching Tool (a student project funded by iCampus)
  • MMRRIMining and Minerals Resources Research Institute
  • MMSAMaterial and Manufacturing Systems Analysis, a collaborative research laboratory between the General Motors Corp. and MIT.
  • moiraA large database and API containing user, machine, list, filesystem, and other essential information to manage the MITnet, MIT Email, and Athena infrastructures.
  • moira lista mailing list, group list, or mail alias managed through MIT's moira central database.
  • MOSEModulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico (or Experimental Electromechanical Module, an MIT-affiliated flood-control project in Venice)
  • MOTManagement of Technology Program
  • MPCMaterials Processing Center
  • MREMMineral Resources Engineering and Management (Program)
  • MRGMicrosystems Research Group
  • MRLMicroreproduction Laboratory (Libraries)
  • MRSMIT Rocket Society
  • MRSECMaterials Research Science and Engineering Centers. (MIT's Center for Materials Science and Engineering, CMSE, has been part of the MRSEC program since 1994.)
  • MSMilitary Science (subject)
  • MSAMexican Students Association (also known as ClubMex)
  • MSEDepartment of Materials Science and Engineering
  • MSIDThe Master Subject ID for a class. This is generally the course number used in the registrar's system and to register Stellar sites. For subjects that are cross-listed (e.g. 2.003/1.053), the MSID is only one of the numbers listed.
  • MSKCCMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • MSLMaterials Systems Laboratory
  • MSMRMassachusetts Society for Medical Research
  • MTAMaterial transfer agreement
  • MTCMassachusetts Technology Collaborative
  • MTDCModified Total Direct Cost, a Federal government term used in contracts.
  • MTGMusical Theater Guild
  • MTLMicrosystems Technology Laboratories
  • MulticsComputer system used at MIT until 1988
  • MURJMIT Undergraduate Research Journal
  • MUSICMIT-U.S. Geological Survey's Science Impact Collaborative program
  • MVLMan-Vehicle Laboratory
  • MVP&DTMIT Video Productions and Digital Technologies


Provides definitions for common IT terms and acronyms

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July 12, 2016

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