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Glossary - P

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  • P3 AwardThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's student design competition for sustainability focusing on People, Prosperity, and the Planet
  • P.I.Principal Investigator
  • P&PMIT Policies and Procedures
  • PANTHERPathogenic Notification for Threatening Environmental Releases
  • PARTNERPartnership for Air Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction
  • PBEPhi Beta Epsilon
  • PBKPhi Beta Kappa
  • PC&TPerformance Consulting & Training (team)
  • PCASTPresident's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
  • PCI-DSSPayment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • PCLMPicower Center for Learning and Memory (formerly CLM)
  • PCMCIAShort for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
  • PDSIA major building and renovation project of the Physics Department completed Fall 2007 - bldg 6C
  • PDTPhi Delta Theta
  • PECASEPresidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
  • PEERProgram for Environmental Education and Research
  • PEPProfessional Education Programs
  • PESOPhilippine Emerging Startups Open
  • PGDPhi Gamma Delta
  • Ph.D.Doctor of Philosophy (degree), also known as a doctorate
  • Phishingan illegitimate solicitation via email for personal information, disguised as coming from a legitimate source. They often ask for usernames and password. THESE MESSAGES SHOULD BE IGNORED AND NEVER RESPONDED TO.
  • PIBProgram in International Business (now called the Center for International Studies)
  • PIIPersonally Identifiable Information or Personally Identifying Information e.g. Social Security Number
  • PiKAPi Kappa Alpha
  • PILOTPayment in Lieu of Taxes (MIT makes such payments to the City of Cambridge.)
  • PIRNPersonal Information Requiring Notification if lost or stolen, e.g. Social Security Number
  • PIVoTPhysics Interactive Video Tutor
  • Pivot ReportData Warehouse term: A report that you can construct in BrioQuery to display data from the Results section of the query.
  • PKSPhi Kappa Sigma
  • PKTPhi Kappa Theta
  • PLOSPublic Library of Science (Biology Journal)
  • PLPPi Lambda Phi
  • PMDPeople Making a Difference (projects)
  • PMGProgramming Methodology Group
  • PNASProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • POPurchase Order
  • PO (old)Planning Office (old)
  • PoEPower over Ethernet is a standard system of passing power over Ethernet wiring from the network switch to the connected device.
  • PoETProgram on Emerging Technologies
  • POP (Post Office Protocol)POP (Post Office Protocol) is a basic store and forward mail handling system MIT used to use. When you connect to the mail server, your mail is downloaded to your machine (or home directory on Athena) and deleted from the server. It does not support reading mail from multiple locations or have the modern message handling features of the IMAP protocol or Exchange.
  • POPIProgram on the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • PostdocPostdoctoral fellow
  • POWERProgram for Overcoming Worries: Energize and Relax, a health promotion program for students
  • PowerFAIDSPower Financial Aid Information Data System, a computer system used to administer financial aid at MIT
  • PPPhysical Plant (now known as the Department of Facilities)
  • PPSTProgram in Polymer Science and Technology
  • Primary ProviderData Warehouse term: This is the MIT organization or computer system which supplies the data to the Warehouse.
  • Problemthe unknown cause of one or more incidents.
  • PROCEEDProgram for Continuing Engineering Education
  • ProcessData Warehouse term: A BrioQuery command.
  • PROFITProductivity From Information Technology (initiative that was based at the Sloan School of Management)
  • PRSPublic Relations Services
  • PSBPublishing Services Bureau
  • PSCPublic Service Center
  • PSDProduction System Design (Laboratory)
  • PSFCPlasma Science and Fusion Center
  • PSGsProblem-Solving Groups, sponsored by the Administrative Advisory Council II
  • PSKPhi Sigma Kappa
  • PSSCPhysical Sciences Study Committee (old)
  • PTSPi Tau Sigma (honorary mechanical engineering fraternity)
  • Purge (email)Purging email is when the messages you have marked for removal by the delete command are erased from the server or your local computer drive. Once email is purged it cannot be recovered. Be sure you have archived or do not need any messages marked for deletion before you issue the purge command.


Provides definitions for common IT terms and acronyms

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April 26, 2016

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