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Q: What do the knowledge base spaces mean?

  • The Knowledge Base is built on the Confluence wiki tool.
  • Access is determined based on your membership in various groups.
  • If you see your name in the upper right you are considered "logged in".

Content spaces

Purpose and permissions

Each article stored in the knowledge base live in a particular space. The spaces have designated purposes.

Space Purpose Viewing Restrictions Editing Restrictions
IS&T Contributions Shared content created by IS&T. World Readable IS&T Staff
Community Contributions Articles created by authorized community authors for public consumption. World readable Subset of MIT community
The Knowledge Base Handbook Reference information about servers, setup, configuration, customizations, user guides, etc. that make up the system. World readable The Knowledge Base team
IS&T Draft Work in progress by IS&T, e.g. release teams. Eventually is moved to IS&T contributions. IS&T staff Subset of IS&T staff
IS&T Internal Internal articles used by HD. Will move to a public space when appropriate. IS&T staff Subset of IS&T staff
Reference Guide A place for structured documentation sets. World Readable RG Editors
Structured Escalations Help Staff information gathering and escalation procedures IS&T and Partner Help Staff SE Editors
Glossary A glossary entry in the IT glossary of terms World readable IS&T Staff
Archive Where outdated content goes. Logged in users Knowledge Base authors

Viewing and editing restrictions shown above a accurate but generalized to give you a sense of who has access to what. Precise access is driven by membership in knowledge base groups.

The K.B. Handbook

Documentation and information about using The Knowledge Base

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December 18, 2015

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