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Glossary - G

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  • G (following a name or subject number)When preceded by a name and comma, indicates the person is a graduate student. When appearing after a subject number, denotes a subject offered primarily to graduate students.
  • G&SGilbert and Sullivan (Players), theater group at MIT, also known as MITGASP
  • GAGeneral Assembly
  • GA (old)Graphic Arts (old)
  • GABLESGay, Bisexual and Lesbian Employees and Supporters
  • GAMITGays at MIT
  • GASBGovernmental Accounting Standards Board
  • GASTGraduate Aid Simplification Team
  • GatewayA node on a network that serves as an entrance to another network.
  • GBEPGreater Boston Executive Program
  • GCRCGeneral Clinic Research Center
  • GEMGraduate Education for Minorities
  • GEM4Global Enterprise for Micro-Mechanics and Molecular Medicine
  • GEMSGraduate Education in Medical Sciences (program)
  • GGTGamelan Galak Tika
  • GIRGeneral Institute Requirement (in the undergraduate program)
  • GISGeographic Information Systems
  • is a MIT site running a hosted version of the GitHub software. It lets people upload and share programming code with others.
  • Global Address List (GAL)The global address list (GAL) is a directory that contains entries for every group, user, and contact within MIT's implementation of Microsoft Exchange Server. For Exchange users, the GAL is displayed in the Outlook, Entourage or OWA Address Book on your computer.
  • GMATGraduate Management Admissions Test
  • GMTGiant Magellan Telescope, a project of the GMT consortium, of which MIT is a partner university
  • GPAGrade Point Average
  • GRAILThe Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory
  • GREGraduate Record Examination
  • GRIPGraduate Research Initiation Program
  • GRTGraduate Resident Tutor
  • GSCGraduate Student Council
  • GSLGuaranteed Student Loan
  • GSNGraduate Student News, the newsletter produced by the Graduate Student Council
  • GSOGraduate Student Office
  • GTDGetting Things Done (GTD)
  • GTLGas Turbine Laboratory
  • GTMGlobal Traffic Manager (load balancer)
  • Guest Operating SystemA guest operating system is an operating system installed on a host machine (a physical machine) and run virtually using VMware or other virtualization software.


Provides definitions for common IT terms and acronyms

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April 26, 2016

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