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Glossary - I

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  • IAAInternational Academy of Astronautics
  • IACInternational Advisory Committee
  • IAC (Institute Awards Convocation)Annual awards convocation that honors students, faculty, and staff for their remarkable contributions to the Institute.
  • IACMEIndustrial Advisory Council of Minority Education
  • IAIAInternational Association for Impact Assessment
  • IAMASInternational Association for Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences
  • IAPIndependent Activities Period
  • IAUInternational Astronomical Union
  • iCampusMIT-Microsoft Alliance
  • ICANInstitute Career Assistance Network
  • ICANNInternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
  • ICATInternational Center for Air Transportation
  • ICRMOTInternational Center for Research on the Management of Technology
  • IDDSInternational Development Design Summit
  • IDEAIndividuals with Disabilities Education Act
  • IDEASInnovation, Development, Enterprise, Action, and Service (student program for public service projects)
  • Identity TheftIdentity theft is the illegal use of another person’s identifying information in order to steal money or get other benefits.
  • IDF (old)International Development Forum. Now known as the International Development Network (IDN)
  • IDGInternational Development Group (with Urban Studies and Planning)
  • IDIInternational Development Initiative
  • IdP (Identity Provider)A system that creates, maintains, and manages identity information.
  • IDRPInternational Development and Regional Planning. Former name of the International Development Group.
  • IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • IESLIntelligent Engineering Systems Laboratory
  • IETFInternet Engineering Task Force
  • IFCInterfraternity Council
  • IFNPInternational Food and Nutrition Program
  • iGEMIntercollegiate Genetically Engineered Machine
  • IGERTIntegrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship
  • iHouseInternational House for Global Leadership
  • IHTFPI Hate This F*****g Place. Also: I Have Truly Found Paradise, I Help Tutor FirstYear Physics, Institute Has the Finest Professors, It's Hard to Fondle Penguins, and more.
  • IIEInstitute of Industrial Engineers
  • IITItalian Institute of Technology
  • iLabNotebookAn electronic laboratory notebook
  • ILCInstitute Library Catalogue (Libraries)
  • ILGIndependent Living Group
  • ILOIndustrial Liaison Office (now called the Industrial Liaison Program)
  • ILPIndustrial Liaison Program
  • IMIntramural (sports)
  • IMAPIMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a client-server approach to email in which email is kept on the server. When you work with email, your email program (the client) connects to the post office server to access your email. Since your email stays on the server, you can easily access it from multiple workstations and programs just like you can access your voice mail messages from any phone.
  • iMOATReplace this text with one or more definitions for this term. Remember to use a pair of {excerpt} tags to contain the text you want displayed on the glossary index pages.
  • IMVPInternational Motor Vehicles Programs
  • IncidentAny one of the following:
  • InCommonA common framework for trustworthy shared management of access to on-line resources.
  • INCOSEInternational Council on Systems Engineering
  • Infinite CorridorA quarter-mile hallway through the heart of the Institute (ground floor of buildings 7, 3, 10, 4 and 8)
  • INFORMSInstitute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
  • INLIdaho National Laboratory
  • InSarInterferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • INSITEInstitutional Space and Inventory Techniques
  • Interfaces (Cables and Connectors)The cable that comes out of the wall jack is a UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Ethernet cable.
  • IOMInstitute of Medicine
  • IP (generic term)Intellectual Property (generic term)
  • IP (Internet Protocol)The Internet protocol defines how information gets passed between systems across the Internet.
  • IP addressAn Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numeric address that identifies a computer or network device on the internet, usually written in decimal notation, separated by periods. All resources on the Internet must have an IP address.
  • IPCInformation Processing Center
  • IPC (Industrial Performance Center)An MIT-wide research unit, based in the School of Engineering.
  • IPhOInternational Physics Olympiad
  • IPOIntellectual Property Office
  • IPOPInterim Planning Overlay Permit
  • IPSInformation Processing Services (old)
  • iQuariumA colorful, interactive aquarium display screen. A project of iCampus.
  • IRBInstitutional Review Board
  • IREXInternational Research and Exchanges Board
  • Iris ProjectInfrastructure for Resilient Internet Systems (a project among MIT, the University of California at Berkeley, the International Computer Science Institute, New York University, and Rice University)
  • IRMsInstructor Resource Modules (in Aero-Astro CDIO)
  • ISInformation Systems - MIT administrative IT dept up through 2003. Reorganized in 2004 as Information Services and Technology (IS&T)
  • IS&TInformation Systems and Technology
  • ISCMIntegrated Supply Chain Management (Program)
  • ISGIranian Studies Group (at MIT)
  • ISNInstitute for Soldier Nanotechnologies
  • ISTABIS&T Student Technology Advisory Board
  • ISUInternational Space University
  • ITInformation Technology - generic term
  • ITAGInfrastructure Technology Architecture Group
  • ITARInternational Traffic in Arms Regulations
  • ITCCInformation Technology Coordinating Council
  • ITERInternational Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor
  • ITILThe Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of industry-standard best practices and procedures for IT service management.
  • ITRIIndustrial Technology Research Institute
  • ITSInternet Transaction Server
  • ITS (Laboratory)Intelligent Transportation Systems, a lab at MIT
  • IT-SPARCCInformation Technology Strategic Planning and Resources Coordinating Council
  • ITSSInformation Technology Security Support (within Information Systems and Technology). This name is no longer used for the team, which is now known as Security Operations Team.
  • IVCFInterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • IWPCInformation Work Productivity Council


Provides definitions for common IT terms and acronyms

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July 12, 2016

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