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Glossary - S

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  • S.B.Bachelor of Science (degree)
  • S.E.Sanitary Engineer (degree)
  • S.M.Master of Science (degree)
  • S.M.Arch.S.Master of Science in Architectural Studies (degree)
  • S.M.T.Master of Science in Transportation (degree)
  • S.M.Vis.S.Master of Science in Visual Studies (degree)
  • SAStandard journal voucher (G/L accounts documents)
  • SAAStudent Art Association
  • SAASSouth Asian American Students
  • SACCStudent Action Coordinating Committee (old)
  • SAESigma Alpha Epsilon
  • SAFOStudent Activities Finance Office (part of Student Life Programs)
  • SAISStudent and Administrative Information Services, a directorate within IS&T
  • SALALa Sala de Puerto Rico, a large, all-purpose room in the Student Center
  • SANDIStaff Appointments and Distribution (staff and exempt payroll account sheets)
  • SAOStudent Activities Office
  • SAPMIT's major financial/business management application.
  • SAP (school)School of Architecture and Planning
  • SARASuperfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act
  • SASStudent Assistance Services
  • SAS (software)Statistical Analysis Software
  • SBIRSmall Business Innovation Research program
  • SBMSociety for Biomaterials
  • SCSigma Chi
  • Sc.D.Doctor of Science (degree)
  • SCCStudent Center Committee
  • SCEPSchool of Chemical Engineering Practice
  • SCEP (old)Student Committee on Educational Policy
  • SCFGScience Club for Girls
  • SCOUTsSurface Crafts for Oceanographic and Undersea Testing
  • SDMSystem Design and Management (Program)
  • SEBCScience and Engineering Business Club
  • SEBLScanning-Electron-Beam Lithography (a facility in the Nanostructures Laboratory)
  • SEDSStudents for the Exploration and Development of Space
  • SEEDSaturday Engineering Enrichment and Discovery (Academy)
  • SEIPStudent Extended (Medical) Insurance Plan
  • SEMUndergraduate Seminar (subject designation)
  • SEMSStudent Emergency Medical Services (also known simply as Emergency Medical Services)
  • SEOStudent Employment Office
  • SEPTScience and Engineering Program for Teachers
  • ServerA host that provides a network accessible service.
  • SEVISStudent Exchange Visitor Information System (of the US Immigration and Naturalization Service)
  • SEVTSolar Electric Vehicle Team
  • SFSStudent Financial Services
  • SHStudent House
  • SHACStudent Health Advisory Committee
  • SHASSSchool of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
  • SHBTSpeech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology
  • ShibbolethA package for web single sign-on.
  • SHPESociety of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • SIASignals Information and Algorithms (a group in the Research Laboratory of Electronics)
  • SI at MITSports Innovation at MIT
  • Sig EpSigma Phi Epsilon
  • SIGUSSpecial Interest Group in Urban Settlements
  • SIMSubscriber Identity Module, also called a "SIM card"
  • SIPSloan Innovation Period
  • SIP (industry term)Session Initiation Protocol
  • SIPBStudent Information Processing Board
  • SISStudent Information System
  • SKSigma Kappa
  • SLSloan Laboratory
  • SL (Service Learning)Service learning is a pedagogy that involves the integration of academically relevant service projects into the academic context.
  • SLAService Level Agreement
  • S-LABLaboratory for Sustainable Business
  • SloanSpaceThe MIT Sloan School instance of Space and Reservations systems (EMS)
  • SLPStudent Life Programs
  • SLSSpoken Language Systems, a group in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
  • SMASingapore-MIT Alliance
  • SMARTSingapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (Center)
  • SMBTMaster of Science in Building Technology (degree)
  • SmLServomechanisms Laboratory
  • SmootUnit of measurement of Harvard Bridge that used an MIT student named Smoot
  • SMRSloan Management Review
  • SMSShort Message Service, commonly known as a text message
  • SMTPSMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a standard set of rules that define an email message format, and the message transfer agent (MTA), which stores and forwards email.
  • SNCSensor Network Consortium. (MIT is one of the academic members.)
  • SOCRCUP's (Committee on the Undergraduate Program)Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement
  • SoESchool of Engineering
  • SoftphoneA software program for making VoIP telephone calls over the internet using internet connected devices of your choosing.
  • SOHOSolar and Heliospheric Observatory
  • SOPStandard Operating Procedure
  • SoSSchool of Science
  • SP (Service Provider)Shibboleth term for an application server that has been integrated with Shibboleth.
  • Spacea term used in Confluence (which powers The Knowledge Base) to indicate a collection of pages with their own access control and look-and-feel settings.
  • SPESigma Phi Epsilon
  • SpecLab(George Russell Harrison) Spectroscopy Laboratory
  • SPHERESSynchronized Position Hold Engage Re-orient Experimental Satellites (at MIT Aero-Astro)
  • SPHRSenior Professional in Human Resources - level of certification by SHRM
  • Spirion (formerly Identity Finder)Software to assist with finding PIRN on laptops/desktops.
  • Split MailboxA method of forwarding your email to another email account while having a copy still sent to your MIT (Athena) account.
  • SPSSpecial Studies (subject designation)
  • SPURSSpecial Program for Urban and Regional Studies
  • SREStudy and Research in Education
  • SSCStudent Services Center
  • SSGStochastic Systems Group (in Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems)
  • SSITStudent Services Information Technology (formerly ODSUE-IT); part of IS&T as of 2005
  • SSLSpace Systems Laboratory
  • SSL (internet security protocol)Secure Socket Layer
  • SSMSloan School of Management
  • SSPSecurity Studies Program
  • SSPCCStudent Systems and Policies Coordinating Committee
  • SSPRSupport Staff Peer Resources
  • Star table GroupData Warehouse term: The tables in the Data Warehouse are designed to be grouped together in certain ways - these groupings are referred to as Stars because diagrams of these groupings resemble star patterns.
  • STCStudent Technology Consultants
  • StellarStellar is MIT's course management system. It is a platform for learning, course management and collaboration, serving the entire MIT community.
  • STEMScience, Technology, Engineering, and Math. May also refer to the program at MIT for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders from Boston Public Schools
  • STEPSecondary Technical Education Project (also called Project STEP)
  • STIRSignal Transformation and Information Representation (a group in the Research Laboratory of Electronics)
  • STOPSecurity Tracking of Office Property (in Campus Police)
  • StopitMIT-wide process to report cases of misuse of MIT's computer systems
  • STS(Program in) Science, Technology, and Society
  • STS (Sloan)Sloan Technology Services
  • SWESociety of Women Engineers


Provides definitions for common IT terms and acronyms

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April 26, 2016

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