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Glossary - L

Click on letter to jump to the list of terms starting with that letter. Click on a term to jump to the full definition. The excerpts on this page show the first line of each definition.

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  • L2LLeader to Leader Program
  • LALab Assistant
  • LAILean Advancement Initiative (formerly Lean Aerospace Initiative, and Lean Aircraft Initiative)
  • Lambda ChiLambda Chi Alpha, a fraternity of MIT
  • LAMPLibrary Access to Music Project
  • LARALabor Aerospace Research Agenda
  • LARCLunar Array for Radio Cosmology
  • LBGTLesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender (also commonly referred to as LGBT)
  • LBRCLaser Biomedical Research Center
  • LCALambda Chi Alpha
  • LCCLatino Cultural Center
  • LCEELaboratory Consortium for Environmental Excellence
  • LCSLaboratory for Computer Science
  • LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol, an Internet protocol that programs use to look up information from a server.
  • LEEDLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design
  • LEESLaboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems
  • LEXCOMLaboratory for Experimental and Computational Micromechanics
  • LFEELaboratory for Energy and the Environment
  • LGCLiving Group Council
  • LGO (Program)Leaders for Global Operations (formerly Leaders for Manufacturing; name changed in 2009)
  • LIDSLaboratory for Information and Decision Systems
  • LIFT2
  • LIGOLaser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (joint project with MIT, CalTech and 20 other institutions)
  • LimitsData Warehouse term: Criteria used to narrow the scope of a query.
  • LINAC(Bates) Linear Accelerator
  • LINCLearning International Networks Consortium
  • LINCCLincoln Laboratory Children's Center
  • LINEARLincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (Project)
  • LISLowell Institute School (no longer at MIT)
  • LLLincoln Laboratory
  • LLARCLanguage Learning and Resource Center. Currently known as the Foreign Languages and Literatures Resource Center (FLL)
  • LMFLa Maison Française (also known as French House)
  • LMITLemelson-MIT Program
  • LMPLaboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity
  • LNSLaboratory for Nuclear Science
  • localhost"localhost" is the standard host name given to a computer's loopback network interface.
  • LOFARLow Frequency Array, a radio telescope being built in the Netherlands and part of Germany
  • LOGyCAColumbia-based logistics company
  • loopbackThe term "loopback" or "loop-back" refers to a special route that sends traffic from your computer back to itself, usually without this traffic actually being sent out over the network.
  • LSATLaw School Admissions Test
  • LSCLecture Series Committee
  • LUChALa Union Chicana por Aztlan
  • LVACList Visual Arts Center


Provides definitions for common IT terms and acronyms

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July 12, 2016

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