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OneDrive is part of Microsoft's Office 365, and it is their cloud-based storage option that integrates directly with other Microsoft applications including Outlook and other Office applications. IS&T has licensed Office365 including OneDrive for the entire MIT community. OneDrive provides the MIT community with large storage capacity and convenient access to data via desktop, mobile and web clients for most common platforms.

With the OneDrive client, you can access your cloud data as though it was a folder on your local disk. OneDrive also lets you share portions of your cloud storage, with a number of different protection/authentication schemes including integration with Moira lists for granting group access. You can also provide both read and write access to other OneDrive users, and share links to OneDrive files or folders with unauthenticated users who you provide a special link.

For an overview of OneDrive and other data storage options, see: Data Storage and Collaboration Options.

How to Obtain

All MIT Community members with an MIT Kerberos account have a OneDrive account. You can access it from the web interface, desktop clients and mobile device apps. Simply download the client or app from the vendor or app store and login with your MIT Kerberos identity. Touchstone Authentication may be required.

How to Use

Getting Started


One Drive Files On-Demand

In order to save space on your local devices, files appear locally in your folders, but are not actually located on your computer. They are downloaded as needed when you try to access them. This feature requires network access to work. If you need to access files while offline, make sure copies are synced to your local device.

Troubleshooting and FAQ's

What happens to my OneDrive account when I leave MIT?

  • Once your MIT Kerberos account is deactivated, you will no longer be able to login to Microsoft OneDrive to access your files. Before account deactivation, you will need to move your files to a personal cloud storage service account of some kind unrelated to your MIT Kerberos identity or download them to a storage drive or your personal computer.


What is my OneDrive Quota?



For Admins and Developers

Have Questions or Still Need Help?

For general OneDrive support, please contact or your local IT support provider.

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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January 04, 2024

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