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MIT OneDrive Known Issues

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Mac OS OneDrive On Demand

This requires Mojave (10.14) or newer to usee. Older versions of MacOS are not supported and will not work.

File Limit Per Site

The recommended max number of files for a user or team site is 300,000. If you need to store more files than this, contact the service desk to request an additional team site.

Very Long File Paths/Names

Because the company name is set to "Massachusetts Institute of Technology," this can cause some paths to be very long - especially if files also have long names. As a result, some files may not be able to be opened locally. For example, Excel has a path limit of 218 characters so deeply nested files can become inaccessible locally.

This can be addressed by accessing such files using the web interface or using shorter file names/a less deeply nested file structure.

Large Amounts of Content Should be Structured

If large amounts of files are not structured into folders, users are unable to selectively sync only the files they need. This can result in many issues including:

  • Excessive battery drain on laptops
  • Notifications that there are 10’s of thousands of file changes to sync even if content is not that actively changing.
  • Some Windows 10 computers start to download all content even though selective sync is set via group policy.
  • Some Macs never complete the initial sync, especially using wireless networking.
  • Hard drives filling up

The Web Interface Has Limitations

  • You can’t drag/drop content from local to cloud folders.
  • Can’t collaboratively edit content (files get locked until closed)
  • Slow load/navigation times as each folder transition needs to load from the web

Deleting Files

  • A site owner cannot delete folders with large amounts of content (numbers of files/folders) in them. You have to navigate through single pages of content to delete approximately 100 items at a time.
  • One option is to do the deletions from the web interface, but this can cause your browser window to hang until the deletion is complete.

CrashPlanCode42 Never Finishes Backups

  • If you sync large files or very frequently updating files to your device, CrashPlan/Code42 may never complete backups because it can't keep up with the changes. Pausing syncing may allow the backup to complete, but that is a manual action that would have to be taken regularly. You may also choose to not back up your OneDrive content with CrashPlan/Code42.

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January 23, 2023

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