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IBM has rebranded 'TSM' as 'Spectrum Protect'. These names refer to the same product.

TSM is the recommended enterprise backup solution for servers that allows you to backup and restore files, over the MIT network or via the Internet, to secure servers managed by IS&T. TSM also provides the ability to archive documents that need to be kept for an extended period of time. TSM is offered at no cost to members of the MIT community.

  • TSM accepts new registrations for server backup machines only. To backup a desktop or laptop, download and register for a Crash Plan account.
  • TSM does not automatically backup a hard drive, but can, under many operating systems, be set to run at scheduled times.

How to Obtain

IS&T provides TSM client for the following platforms: Mac, Windows 32, Windows 64, Ubuntu/Debian Linux distributions, and RHEL/CentOS Linux distributions. IS&T Software Grid



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Additional escalation information for Help Staff can be found here:
  • [Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Recon]

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May 23, 2023

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