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Passwords and identities and the keys to your accounts and systems. Make it a priority to take care with them; they're protecting your data and access. Use strong passwords, and change them at least annually. If there's any hint one of your passwords might be compromised, change it immediately anywhere it may be in use. Also change any vendor supplied passwords as those are likely known by a large number of people, and not all good actors. It's also a good idea to remove any default accounts as those are similarly easy to compromise. Finally, protect your passwords by making sure to only store and transmit encrypted passwords.

How to

Change Your Password Immediately if You Suspect a Compromise

Create a Strong Password

Never reuse passwords for multiple systems or services.

  • If one password is compromised, attackers often attempt to use it across your other accounts knowing many people reuse passwords. You can protect yourself from this risk by using unique passwords for each system or service that requires one.
  • Do not use your Kerberos password for non-Kerberos enabled systems.

A Password Manager

IS&T licenses LastPass for MIT community use.

Change Default Vendor Passwords/Accounts

Many devices come with default passwords and/or accounts set up on them. Unfortunately, hackers are very aware of this. If you connect these devices to the internet, they can (and likely will) be compromised quickly. As part of the initial setup process, it is recommend to replace any default accounts and passwords.

Vendor setup documentation usually has instructions on how to replace default accounts and passwords. Some things that may come with default accounts and passwords or no passwords at all are:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Routers
  • Databases
  • Virtual Machines
  • IS&T Field Support Default Machines
  • Webcams

Store and Transmit only Encrypted Passwords

  • If you need to share a password, LastPass can help share passwords securely.

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June 03, 2020

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