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Drupal Cloud Landing Page

Each section below takes you through increasingly complex steps to build, customize, and maintain your site. Be sure to check out the Getting Started Guides in the Getting Started section - a step by step walk through of creating an example site. Also note the Getting Drupal Help at MIT page - a list of all MIT Help resources and the External Drupal Help Resources page, in the Getting Ready section.

On this page:

Getting Ready for Your Drupal Cloud Site

About Drupal Cloud
Drupal Terms
Planning Your Site
Requesting a Drupal Cloud Site

How do I log into my site?
What does the security warning on my new site mean?
Getting Drupal Help at MIT
External Drupal Help Resources

Choosing Your Theme

One of your first tasks is to choose the base theme for your site. A theme is a starting design and different themes may have different functionality. All themes can be customized to give your site a unique look. The default theme is the MIT DLC theme. Another popular theme is the MIT Adaptive theme. Each theme is briefly described below.

While it is simple to change from one theme to another, it is best to settle on your theme before making changes to customize your site's appearance and before adding content. To learn more about themes and how to change from the default to a different theme, see the article Working with Your Site Theme in the Getting Started section below. The articles in the Customizing section below explain how to make changes to your base theme.

Not every feature will work with every theme.

Below is a screen shot and a brief explanation of each theme. Also, each theme has a Getting Started Guide in the section Getting Started with Your Drupal Cloud Site below. The Getting Started Guides help you create a sample site which you can then customize for your own use.

The MIT DLC Theme
dlc theme

  • the default theme
  • official MIT branding
  • good for a department site

The MIT Adaptive Theme
dlc theme

  • must switch to this theme
  • greater design flexibility
  • good for a small group or personal site

Getting Started with Your Drupal Cloud Site

Getting Started Guide - Lab Site (DLC Theme)
Getting Started Guide - Portfolio Site (Adaptive Theme)
How is a Drupal Cloud page organized?
Navigating and Making Changes to Your Site
Hiding Your Site Until It's Ready (Maintenance Mode)
What can I do if I make a serious mistake?
Using the Page Revision Option
Changing Your Site Name

Working with Your Site Theme
How can I remove the site name or slogan?
How can I change the sidebar layout?
Changing Your Site Colors in Drupal
Adding a Site Background Image in Drupal
Changing Your Font and Font Size in Drupal
Changing Your Site Logo in Drupal
Why can't people see a design or layout change I made on my Drupal Cloud website?

Adding Text to a Drupal Cloud Page
Formatting Text in Drupal with the Format Toolbar
Adding an Image to Your Drupal Cloud Page
Adjusting Your Layout Using Tables
Adding Links to Your Page
Adding a Link to a PDF
How do I view a list of my Drupal site's pages?
Creating New Pages for Your Drupal Site
Working with Drupal Page Options

Customizing Your Drupal Cloud Site

Working With Content Blocks
Creating a New Block
How can I remove the Content Management block in Drupal?
How do I use the Shortcuts menu?
Creating Menu Links on a Drupal Page
Creating a Horizontal Menu

Adding News or Blog Posts to Your Site
How can I remove News or Blogs from my Drupal page?
Adding a Video to Your Drupal Site
How Can I Customize My Site Favicon
MIT Events Calendar - Calendar Feeds and Embedding

Managing Your Drupal Cloud Site

What can I do as a site administrator?
Assigning Roles and Permissions
How Do I Create a Custom 404 Page?
Adding Google Analytics to Track Site Traffic
How can I get a hostname?

Advanced Topics

Adding Functionality with JavaScript
Creating Tabbed Content
Working With Content Types in Drupal
Arranging Content Using Views
Working With Modules
Formatting Using Cascading Style Sheets in Drupal
Creating Sub Menus for Your Drupal Site
Tagging Content using Taxonomies
Adding Forms to Your Site
Using Cybersource to Accept Payments on Your Drupal Site
Creating a Touchstone-Protected Drupal Cloud Page

Have Questions or Still Need Help?

Additional escalation information for Help Staff can be found here: [hd:Drupal Cloud Recon].

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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June 30, 2020

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