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Creating a Touchstone-Protected Drupal Cloud Page

This article provides instructions for creating Drupal Cloud pages that require Touchstone login.
NOTE: In order to use these instructions you will need to be logged in as Content Manager on the Drupal Cloud site.

Configure a Drupal Cloud page to require Touchstone login

  1. Enable "content access" module
  2. Navigate to Admin->Structure->Content Types -> Basic page
  3. Click Access Control Tab
  4. Enable "per content node access control"
  5. Navigate to the basic page you wish to restrict
  6. Click Access Control Tab
  7. Under "View any page content" deselect anonymous user
  8. Under "View own page content" deselect anonymous user
  9. Submit
  10. Navigate to Admin->Configuration-> (System Box) Site information
  11. Change "Default 403 (access denied) page" to user/login
  12. Save configuration

Show Touchstone protected pages in menu bar

Context: By default, anonymous users can't see menu items they don't have permission to view. Ex. If blogs are restricted to logged in users, it will not appear in the menu bar if you're not logged in.

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Structure -> Menus
  2. Click "list links" next to the menu you want to have the page appear in (typically it's the main menu).
  3. Click edit next to the menu link that is no longer visible to unauthenticated users (or add a new link)
  4. Change the path to the full URL of the page ex:
  5. Save

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June 11, 2019

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