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Zoom Phone Service FAQ

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What should I do with my Broadsoft app, UC One Communicator, after I'm migrated?

Delete it. It will no longer be useful for making calls. You will now make calls from your mobile devices using the Zoom app. Once you're migrated, a phone option will appear.

Can I access my old Broadsoft voicemails, blocklists, voicemail greetings, or other settings after migration?

If you use voicemail to email, the migration has no impact on your emails whatsoever. You can keep or delete them as you see fit. Voicemails and any other content or settings for the Broadsoft system are not migrated to Zoom Phones and are no longer accessible after migration. We recommend reviewing and saving copies of any settings or content on Broadsoft you wish to keep. It can be helpful to save copies your existing Broadsoft settings so you can recreate them in Zoom Phones. Not all features will behave exactly the same in Zoom Phones, but you should be able to recreate similar functionality.

What happens to my voice greeting, forwarding configuration, and other settings after migration?

No settings are migrated from your Broadsoft account to your Zoom Phone account. Your Zoom Phones account will need to be configured after migration. We recommend logging in to the Broadsoft Portal before migration to review and save copies your settings so you can recreate them in Zoom Phones. Not all features will behave exactly the same in Zoom Phones, but you should be able to recreate similar functionality.

After migration, will I still be able to login to administer lines assigned to other users' zoom accounts?

Due to Zoom’s model of mingling user personal data with phone data, for security/confidentiality reasons administrators will only be able to login to lines that are:

  • The line that is assigned to their zoom user account
  • Any service lines the administrator is an owner or admin of

What should I do if I need to convert my Zoom Phone user account to a service account or vice versa?

The service desk can convert the account type. Contact them for assistance.

Using Zoom Phones

Why did my phone ring to alert me to an incoming Zoom call even when I had my phone in vibrate/silent mode?

Zoom Phone Service operates through the Zoom App. Like any other app, it will notify you of calls based on your notification settings for the Zoom App. When you're in the Zoom App, it will make noise based on your system sound settings, not your device's phone ring settings.

My iPhone doesn’t ring for zoom calls unless I’m in the zoom app when the call comes in. How do I get it to ring all the time?

Check the settings of your device to be sure your Zoom app is allowed to send you notifications.

Why is my phone tab missing?

See: Why don't I see the Phone Tab in my Zoom App anymore?

Why do calls forwarded from Zoom Phone Service to non-Zoom phone service line, such as a cell phone, show my own name/number in the caller ID?

Zoom forwarding show the name/number of the line being forwarded so you can tell calls are from your Zoom Phone Service. For more, see: Zoom's Frequently asked questions about caller ID

Why am I getting calls from people I blocked ever since the move to Zoom Phones?

None of your settings, including blocklists were carried over from the legacy Broadsoft system. You can configure your new blocklist at:

Why can't I delete a voicemail message?

You can only delete voicemail messages for accounts you own. If you are a delegate of an account, you can only listen to the messages, not delete them. For more information, see: Using Zoom Phone Service - Delegate Setup for Voicemail (Including to Email).

Why are video meetings started from a Zoom Phone call limited to 45 minutes in duration?

That's the limit associated with the Zoom Phone license. If you need a longer video meeting, use your personal room, schedule a meeting, or hang up and call again to reset the timer.

Is international calling included or is it an additional charge?

International calling is included for most regions with MIT's Zoom phone service. If you attempt to make a call to a region that is not included, you will hear an audio prompt informing you that the call cannot be completed.

Why isn't my international call going through?

International Organizations often publish their contact phone number as 44 (0)1908 041293

When dialing from the US, the (0) should be ignored as it is not used in our phone system. Dial 011+44 1908 041293.

Why do delegated voicemail to email messages not include an audio attachment?

Zoom does not currently offer this feature by default. Delegated voicemail users can listen to the original audio of any voicemail they’re authorized for in the zoom app or the website if they login as themselves (or as a service line that is set up to delegate to them). Alternatively, the account owner can contact the IS&T Service Desk to request that all delegated voicemail to email messages for that account include the audio attachment.

What characters can I use in the caller ID and description?

Letters, numbers, and some common symbols (space, dash/hyphen, apostrophe, period, hash, parentheses, and
underscore). If you enter any other characters, it will fail with an error.

Error Codes

Note: The error code is the last 3 digits of the code you see in the error notification. For example, if you see the error notification Call failed (code: 1102600), the error code is 600.

Call Failed (code: 1102600)

Note: The error code is the last 3 digits of the code you see in the error notification. For example, if you see the error notification Call failed (code: 1102600), the error code is 600.

Error code 600, per Zoom, is typically caused by server issues. Try to call again later or contact your Zoom Phone admin for help. You may need to change your network firewall or proxy server settings.

Error The Zoom API Appears to be Down

Your request most likely failed because the system received too many requests/was too busy to handle it. Try again. If you're still getting this error after ten minutes, contact the [Service Desk|].


How do I set or reset my Zoom Phones Voicemail PIN?

See: How do I view, set or reset my Zoom Phone Service voicemail PIN?

Can I forward/"delegate" my user line's voicemail to a moira list in zoom?

No. Zoom user line voicemail can only be delegated/forwarded to a real person with a zoom phone account.

Why does my zoom phone account appear as delegated to somebody I don't recognize/who no longer works here? Why do I see names I don't recognize in the Delegation and Assistant section? Should I delete those so they can't access by account?


Delegations are used to get Zoom accounts working on MIT desk phones. These desk phones appear in the Zoom system with the description that is attached to them in the provisioning system. If your department has not kept that description up to date, it may no longer reflect who is currently using that phone. It does not mean that someone else can make calls as you.

If you delete anything in the "Delegation and Assistant" section your desk phone will no longer be able to register and function. If you see a name you don't recognize in this section, that simply means that a desk phone with an out of date description is attached to your account. It does not mean that people can "act" as you in the Zoom system.

Why won't my desk phone work after I updated my "Delegation and Assistant" settings to remove unknown delegates?

These settings are used to connect your desk phone to your Zoom Phone Service line. The unknown names did not have access to you account (see above for more info). Contact the Service Desk for assistance reconnecting your Zoom Phone Service to your desk phone.

Can you have a moira list as the owner of a service line?

Yes, but as Moira lists do not have Zoom licenses/are not zoom users, the line will not have voicemail capabilities.


What's the difference between owner and admin in Zoom Phone Service?

There is no difference in permissions with Zoom Phone Service. This is a legacy distinction left over from Sylantro Phone Service.

Why don't I see all my numbers listed in the dropdown menu when I try to login to my Zoom Phone Account?

The dropdown menu is to allow you access to service lines (non-softphone) accounts. Your softphone-enabled user account is your main account. Click Continue Normally to login to yoursoftphone-enabled user account.

Are MIT Holidays pre-loaded into the scheduling calendar?

No. If you plan to use any special call handling for holidays (different greetings, call routing, etc), you'll need to add the holidays or vacation time you want for that special handling. If you do not need special call handling for holidays, you do not need to enter any holiday information.

Is SMS (Text) Messaging included with MIT's Zoom Phone service?

No, it is not included with MIT's license. We are investigating it as a future service.

What kind of license does MIT have for Zoom Phones?

Zoom Phone Pro. The chart below shows the features included with our license.

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