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IS&T offers a variety of telephone services to the MIT community, such as:

  • Telephone and voicemail installation, setup, and maintenance
  • Accessories for IS&T supported equipment
  • Audio and web conferencing resources
  • Telephone services for individuals with disabilities

More information can be found here: 

 For questions about the operation of your specific MITvoip phone, please see the resources provided here

Many of the instructions in the following articles require administrative permissions to execute. If you do not have the appropriate permissions to complete the task yourself, please contact the IS&T service desk for additional assistance.

Key Concepts

  • A device owner is able to change device settings such as turn missed calls on/off or change the settings for the Message Waiting Indicator light
    • However, you also need to be the account owner or administrator to add/remove telephone numbers and change certain settings
  • An account administrator is able to change account settings (such as user location, display name, and modify voicemail settings).
  • An account owner has the same privileges as an account administrator and can also access the user web interface. 
  • Typically a user is an account and device owner for his/her own phone(s) and account(s). Often there are designated individuals within a department, lab, or center who are also account administrators and device owners; this facilitates administration of the Institute's Telephony Service. 
  • If you remove your own kerberos ID from the list of owners or administrators, you will lose administrative access to that account or device. 

Account Management 

You must be an owner or an administrator of the account you want to modify. With the Account Management tool, you can: 

  • Grant an employee ownership of an account
  • Add or delete an employee's ownership from an account
  • Add or delete administrators from an account 
  • Change the Display Name when one MITvoip user is calling another MITvoip user (similar to caller ID)
  • View or change voice mail and/or email options
  • Update the default location of a phone that has been moved to a new building or room
  • Update Unity/voicemail PIN 

More detailed information about the account management tool can be found here.

Device Management 

The Device Management tools allow you change the owner(s) of a telephone and control how telephone numbers are assigned to telephones and line keys. For example:

  • Add, remove, or update the number on a particular phone 
    • This is helpful during employee transitions and moves
  • Give someone ownership of a device
  • Change the order in which numbers appear on a phone's line keys.
  • Toggle the Missed Calls or Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) light on or off and control the MWI light

More information on the web interface can be found here and information about your specific phone model can be found here.

Set Up

Phone Features

Voicemail (Unity)

Message Waiting Indicator 


Unity Call Trees


Cisco IP Phones


Have Questions or Still Need Help?

Additional escalation information for Service Desk Staff can be found here: [hd:Telephony Recon].

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October 04, 2018

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