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Using Zoom Phone Service - Set up access for Voicemail (Including to Email)

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When initially created, Service Lines do not have an account set for who can access voicemail or where to send voicemail to email messages. Owners/Admins must do that manually in the Zoom portal. There they can grant an MIT Zoom user access to the account's voicemail, allowing them to receive voicemail to email messages. That user will also be able to access the number's voicemail in their personal Zoom portal and apps.

Designate Email

  1. Go to the Zoom Portal and login to the line you wish to manage. For owners of multiple lines, see: Using Zoom Phone Service - Multiple Lines
  2. Select Phones in the left-hand column.
    Result: The phone options display. If this is your first time managing this number, you may need to complete initial setup.

  3. If you see the setup screen as above, select a voicemail PIN for the number (used when you call in to access voicemail) and click Setup.
    Result: You are taken to the phone settings screen.
  4. Scroll all the way down to the "Other" section.
  5. Next to "Voicemail & Videomail" and "Access" click Add or Set depending on if this is your first time adding a delegate.

  6. Start typing the name or MIT Kerberos ID of the person you'd like to receive access to the voicemail and voicemail to email messages for this number. Note: this account must have a Zoom Phone license in order to be a delegate, this means they must be the softphone user of at least one line.
    Result: It will auto-complete. Select the desired option.
  7. Click Save.
    Result: The user selected will appear in the list of people who have videomail/voicemail access and will have permission to access the voicemail of this account and receive voicemail to email messages for it. You can repeat this as many times as you'd like to grant access for additional users.
Information: Note that the selected user will not be able to delete voicemail messages in the Zoom portal or App. That must be done by the account owner.

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February 27, 2023

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