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Q: What are the known issues for Debathena?


  • Upgrading between Ubuntu releases may cause you to lose Debathena functionality until you re-enable it. See [archive:Why did Debathena stop working when I upgraded Ubuntu?].
  • When upgrading from Ubuntu Intrepid from Jaunty, you may see a message about /etc/services that indicates that three Athena-specific lines are about to be removed. You should select “Yes” / “Install the package maintainer's version”; the Athena lines will be re-added later in the upgrade process.
  • Upgrades of the libhesiod0 package may cause an OMINOUS WARNING error. See [archive:Why did I get an OMINOUS WARNING about debathena-hesiod-config during an upgrade?].
  • Some legacy applications that ignore nsswitch or attempt to enumerate the passwd database will behave incorrectly and not notice Hesiod users. For example, finger without the -m option will attempt to walk the passwd file and ignore Hesiod. (This specific example has been worked around in Debathena.)

Listed below is a list of known issues:

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Page: When I type "renew" in Debathena, why does it ask me for the password for the wrong username?

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