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Q: Why don't I get my AFS home directory when logging in to a Debathena workstation?


This problem occurs when you had a local user account on your Ubuntu installation with the same username as your Athena account. After installing debathena-workstation, when you log in, you will get your local home directory, and your Athena dotfiles (.startup.X, .environment, etc) will not be run.

We have created a script to assist you with this transition. The script does the following:

  • deletes the local user account (but not the home directory of that account)
  • adds your Athena account to the necessary groups to administer the workstation
  • Changes the ownership of your local home directory so that you can access files in it while logged in as your Athena username
  • Cleans up leftover GNOME files in /tmp
  1. Ensure that you have set a root password for your workstation by following the instructions at How can I set a root password for my Debathena workstation?
  2. Log in as root
  3. Run /mit/consultdev/bin/fix-local-account
You MUST reboot after running the script, or your login session will not behave correctly.

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February 25, 2009

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