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Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) is retiring MIT's Webex service. No new MIT accounts will be created after June 7 and the service will be retired on August 30, 2024. For more information, see: MIT's Webex service to be retired

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This article describes how to access/obtain Webex, the audio and web conferencing tool that offers a set of services that provides audio, video, and text options. Accessed via the web, participants may share files or use screen sharing to show presentations, applications, or other web sites. It also provides basic troubleshooting and options for additional assistance.

The current version of MIT Webex uses the "modern" view, version WBS33.

How to Obtain/Access

How to Use

Meeting with Webex

There are two major ways to meet with Webex:

Use Your Personal Webex Room

Your personal Webex room is like your virtual office where people can drop in to visit you.

  • You're the host of the meeting unless you specify otherwise.
  • You can send meeting invitations and reminders.
  • It's available at a consistent URL based on your MIT Kerberos Identity.
  • You can lock your personal room to control who joins the meeting.
  • Start the meeting on the fly without having to use the scheduler.

For more, see: When should I schedule a meeting or use my personal room in Webex?

  1. Login with Touchstone at MIT’s Webex site. The first time you may need to install the Webex browser add-on.
  2. Click the green Start a Meeting button in the "Personal Room" section.
    Result: You'll be taken to your Personal Webex Room where you can quickly access all the Webex meeting basics for calling in, screen sharing, video, recording and more.

    personal demo

  3. Once you've started your personal meeting, you can invite other attendees to join with an invitation or using your personal URL in the format
    Be sure to replace your-MIT-kerberos-ID with your MIT Kerberos Identity.
    If an invitee arrives before you start the meeting, they will be "stuck" in the lobby until you, the host, start the meeting.
    Once the meeting has started, any attendee can automatically join for 15 minutes, after that the host will need to admit them.

Schedule a Meeting

Scheduling a meeting is like booking a virtual conference room for a group.

  • Participants are sent invitations.
  • It has a unique URL for the meeting.
  • You can designate somebody else to be host/start the meeting.
  • You can set up repeating meetings.
  1. Login with Touchstone at MIT’s Webex site. The first time you may need to install the Webex browser add-on.
  2. Click the blue Schedule a Meeting link.

    Result: The Schedule a Meeting screen opens and you can select your topic, meeting time, and attendees in the quick scheduler.

  3. When the time for your meeting arrives, as host you'll need to start the meeting. Click on the meeting invite link in the email invitation or login to MIT Webex and select your meeting from the "Upcoming Meetings" section of your home screen.

    If an invitee arrives before you start the meeting, they will be "stuck" in the lobby until you, the host, start the meeting.

Meeting Options

Once in a meeting, the above options are shown along the bottom of the meeting window to allow you to control the following settings, views and options.

Some options are only available to meeting hosts.

  • Mute - audio and video connection options/settings
  • Stop Video - stop/start video, virtual background settings
  • Share  - share your screen, windows or files
  • ... - switch audio, lock meeting, invite and remind and copy the meeting link (for sharing)
  • Record - record audio and/or video
  • Participants - list meeting participants
  • Chat - displays meeting chat
  • End Meeting - ends the meeting f.or all participants and stops any recording/sharing



Cisco's Webex documentation sometimes refers to more than one version of Webex as they are in the process of migrating all customers to the latest version. The current version of MIT Webex uses the "modern" view.

Getting Started

Scheduling Meetings

Joining Meetings

Instructions for joining your meeting are shown in your invitation.


Recording and Transcribing Meetings

Customize Your Webex

End to End Encryption

Webex does offer end to end encryption as a meeting type.

When end-to-end encryption is enabled, the following features are not supported:

  • Join Before Host
  • Telepresence Video End Points (formerly known as Collaboration Meeting Rooms Cloud)
  • Cisco Webex Meetings Web App
  • Linux clients
  • Network-Based Recording (NBR)
  • Saving session data, Transcripts, Meeting Notes, and etc...
  • Remote Computer sharing
  • Uploading shared files to the meeting space at the end of the Cisco Webex Meetings
  • Personal Meeting Rooms



Webex’s Maximum bandwidth consumption of Sending and Receiving Video for meetings:

  • High Definition Video: 2.5 Mbps (Receive) and 3.0 Mbps (Send)
  • High Quality Video: 1.0 Mbps (Receive) and 1.5 Mbps (Send)
  • Standard Quality Video: 0.5 Mbps (Receive) and 0.5 Mbps (Send)

If you are using a wireless connection and it doesn’t provide enough bandwidth, you may be able to get better performance with a wired connection. Test your network speed to determine if your connection is sufficient. For more see:


Never post the coordinates for a meeting where they will be publicly displayed and searchable (web pages, mailing lists, social media, etc.) in particularly the host key. If an event is open to the public, Webex Events should be used rather than Webex Meetings.

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Additional escalation information for Help Staff can be found here: [hd:WebEx Recon].

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June 04, 2024

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