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WebEx Meeting Real Time Captioning

Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) is retiring MIT's Webex service. No new MIT accounts will be created after June 7 and the service will be retired on August 30, 2024. For more information, see: MIT's Webex service to be retired

Q: How do I set up Captioning in WebEx?


Attendees who cannot hear or do not have audio output available to them may need close captioning to participate in a meeting.

The WebEx meeting desktop app can be set up to designate any participant invited/connected to a WebEx meeting to be a closed captionist who transcribes the audio of a meeting in real time.

NOTE: Captioning functionality requires use of the WebEx Desktop App.

Follow these steps to caption a WebEx Meeting:

  1. Enable closed captions.
    1. (Host) In the meeting window, select Meeting > Options. In the Meeting Options dialog box that appears, check Enable Closed Captioning.
  2. Designate a closed captionist.
    1. (Host) In the meeting window, select Participant > Change Role To > Closed Captionist.
    2. On the Participants panel, right-click the participant, and then select Change Role To > Closed Captionist.
      A closed caption indicator (CC) appears to the right of the participant's name. If another participant is not designated, the HOST is the designated captionist.
  3. Ensure Closed Captions Panel appears.
    1. Closed Captions appear to participant as a PANEL (Other Panels are Participants, Chat, Notes). Host and Participants can control which panels appear.
    2. In the meeting window, select View > Panels > Manage Panels.
    3. (Host) Check "Allow participants to change the sequence of panels".
    4. (Participant) Add/Remove panels or Move Up/Move Down panels to appear in the sequence (top to bottom) preferred.
  4. Save the transcript.
    1. Either the Captionist (Participant) or the Host can save the closed captioned transcript.
    2. (Participant) In the Closed Caption Panel, select Save.
    3. (Host) When the host ends the meeting, a dialog appears asking "Do you want to end the meeting for all participants?". Check "Save meeting files", and more options will appear. Check Closed Captions and select Save location to save the transcript file.

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June 04, 2024

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