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What do I do if my duo enabled device is lost, stolen or I changed my phone number?

  1. Deactivate your lost/stolen device or old phone number immediately.
    Since Duo requires Touchstone, you will need a second Duo-registered device to login.
    I only have one device, so I can't login to Duo
    The IS&T Service Deskcan temporarily disable the Duo requirement for Touchstone in order for you to get into to register another device. Before doing so, IS&T will need to verify your identity. Note that IS&T cannot and will never remove the Duo requirement for any other site.

    1. Login to Duo
    2. Click Next to take you to the main Duo management page
    3. Find all the entries that correspond to the device you want to deactivate and click Delete Phone
      Result: You will not be asked to confirm the deletion. After a brief period, you should see the device removed from your list.

  2. Register your new device/phone number.
    IS&T recommends registering at least two devices
    Please make sure you register a second device as a backup option. This can be another smartphone, landline or YubiKey. IS&T recommends downloading and using the Duo smartphone app (available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone).

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April 15, 2022

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