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Working with Your Site Theme

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What is a theme?

A theme is a pre-designed layout. Your new Drupal Cloud site comes with the MIT DLC theme enabled. You can modify the theme elements such as site name and colors. You can also adjust the page layout in various ways.

Here is a list of some initial design elements you might want to change. These are explained in other Knowledge Base articles which are accessible from the Drupal Cloud Home page.

Not every feature will work with every theme.

In addition to the MIT DLC theme, other themes are available to use. It is probably best to settle on your theme before making additional design changes. You can see how other themes look by initially switching themes. Many sites at MIT have been created with the MIT Adaptive theme.

The Appearance overlay screen is where themes are chosen and modified. There are two tabs on the Appearance screen. The List tab is where you choose a new theme and the Settings tab is where you make changes to the look and feel of the chosen theme.

Changing to a Different Theme

  1. Click Appearance, then the List tab.
    choose a theme

  2. Click Set default next to the theme you want.
  3. Click Save configuration.
Some themes may need to be enabled before you can use them. Click Enable and set default next to the theme you want.

Making a Change to Your Theme

  1. Click Appearance on the menu.
  2. Click the Settings tab on the top right - you will a list of themes some of which are enabled by the system.
  3. Click the oval to select an individual theme.

  4. Make your theme changes.
  5. Click Save configuration.
The screenshot above shows the Appearance options for the MIT Adaptive theme.

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