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Changing Your Font and Font Size in Drupal

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These setting are available when using the MIT Adaptive theme. They are not available when using the default MIT DLC theme.

You can easily change the font for various kinds of text on your site through the Appearance menu. You can set the default font for your site and set different fonts for other site elements such as the site name and slogan, and page title. You can use standard web safe font families or choose from a large set of Google fonts.

Changing Your Font

  1. Click Appearance, then Settings, then MIT Adaptive Theme.
  2. Click Fonts in the list on the left.
    choose font face

  3. For default font and other page elements elect the font type - Websafe or Google web font, then select the font family or Google font. Click the link at the top to preview the Google web fonts.

Note: If you are using a theme other than MIT Adaptive, use the CSS Injector (Configuration > Development > CSS Injector) to override the theme defaults. This requires familiarity with HTML and CSS.

Changing Your Font Size

  1. Click Appearance, then Settings, then MIT Adaptive Theme.
  2. Click Font size in the list on the left.
    choose font size

  3. Select small, medium or large for your site name and for the base font of your site.

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