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MITVoip Conference Room Tools and Configuration


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MITVoip functionality now allows the user to pair Polycom devices using an MIT VoIP BroadSoft Cloud account to support video conference calls.

Any compatible devices will now have a "Pair Device" option on the "Device Details" page of which will allow the user to pair a supported secondary device to it.

Currently Supported Device Pairings

If you purchase a Polycom 8800 or 8500, you will need to request that it get provisioned for you in before you can pair it. Contact the IS&T Service Desk with requests.


In order to pair two devices:

  • You need to be the owner of the primary device
  • You must have the MAC address of the secondary device (also called S/N Serial Number).
  • The primary device must be a compatible primary device model (e.g., Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800)
  • The secondary device must be a compatible secondary device model (e.g., Polycom RealPresence Trio Visual+)
  • The secondary device cannot already be paired with a different primary device
  • A primary device can only be paired with one secondary device at a time, and vice versa
  • The primary and secondary devices must be compatible in order to achieve the intended video conference result (compatibility not validated by MITVoip system).
  • You need to have access to two active network ethernet connections. If you need an additional ethernet drop, see: Request an Ethernet Installation.
  • It is recommended that your primary device is associated with a Broadsoft account
  • Polycom's Specifications


Pairing options only appear if you view a device that supports pairing.

  1. Login to and click on Devices in the left-hand column.
    Result: The list of devices you own opens.

  2. Select the device you'd like to pair by clicking on the gear icon at the far right and scroll down to the "Paired Device" section.
  3. The link icon indicates devices that support pairing.
    Result: The "Device Details" screen appears and you have found the "Paired Device" section. 
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click pair device.
  5. Result: The device pairing options appear.

  6. Enter The MAC address (also called S/N Serial Number) of the device you wish to pair and any other information requested.
  7. Click the Pair Device button.
    Result: The device is paired or you will receive an error message letting you know it is already paired to another device. In the latter case, you can un-pair and re-pair if you are the owner. If you're not the owner, contact the owner (or the service desk if you're not sure who they are).

Setting Up

  • Once they have been 'paired' via the MITVoip Website (see above)...
    • Reboot both devices by unplugging the ethernet cable from the ethernet port OR
    • Plug both devices into active ethernet ports
  • Once the devices are fully powered up, the 8800 and the Visual+ will be virtually connected over the network.
  • Once paired, the specs/options are listed at Poly Trio Video Solutions.
  • The visual+ has a USB input for the camera to display video. Supported cameras are:
    • EagleEye Mini
    • EagleEye Cube USB
    • EagleEye IV USB (12x zoom)
    • Logitech C930e
  • The visual+ has an HDMI output to connect to a display.


In general, you should think of the paired device as caller that can send audio and video content. This lets your conference room or office with the paired devices make/join calls and meetings. There are several ways you can use paired devices with MIT VoIP Broadsoft Cloud for collaboration experiences.

  • Audio only calls and conference calls that do not utilize the paired video device.
  • Audio with video from the paired camera connected to a Broadsoft UC-One Communicator Softphone app. This functionality does not currently work with the BroadSoft mobile apps.
  • Audio with or without video calling in to a WebEx conference room.
  • Start a Webex conference by calling into a meeting you host or your personal room.
  • Audio and Video calls with another Polycom 8800/Visual+ device.


How do I dial into a Webex room?

<meetingnumber> or <personalroomusername>
These should be found in your invitation to the meeting.

For more information about Webex, see: Webex Landing Page

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December 23, 2020

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