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A softphone is a software program for making telephone calls over the internet using internet connected devices. BroadSoft UC-One Communicator is the softphone client supported for making calls with the MIT VoIP BroadSoft Cloud system. It provides a unified communications experience across mobile and desktop platforms including Windows, Mac, and Android.

Key Features

  • Calls to your MIT phone number will be routed to BroadSoft UC-One Communicator on the supported device(s) of your choosing.
  • Calls made from BroadSoft UC-One Communicator display your MIT phone number and contact information.
  • Access all of your Broadsoft communications services from any device, including your desk phone, desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.
  • All Broadsoft communications preferences and contacts, as well as their contact information, are synchronized across devices.
  • Supports 5 digit dialing to MIT phone numbers.
  • Call Settings that allow call forwarding, do not disturb, and block your caller ID.
  • View call history.

How to Obtain

To download BroadSoft Communicator, visit the IS&T BroadSoft page.


In order to use a softphone client, you must have:

  • Softphone functionality enabled on one of your MITvoip BroadSoft accounts (see below)
  • A BroadSoft UC-One Communicator client installed on your device (see below)
  • An internet connection
  • One of
    • a headset with microphone for your device
    • speakers and a microphone enabled on your device

How to Use

Enable Softphone Functionality

Before you can use BroadSoft UC-One Communicator to make calls, you must first enable the feature on your MITvoip BroadSoft account. You can enable softphone functionality on one phone number with your MIT Kerberos Identity/Account.
  1. Go to
    1. Requires Touchstone authentication
  2. Click the people icon to the right of your name to open Account Details

  3. In the "Softphone" section, turn the softphone feature on (the slider bar should be green) and input your Kerberos ID into the Softphone Username field.
  4. Click Save Account Changes
  5. Obtain your softphone client:
    Broadsoft UC-One Communicator client is on the IS&T Software Grid. It is available for Android, MacOS, and Windows devices with an internet connection.
    If you choose to download Broadsoft UC-One Communicator directly from the Google Play Store, search for "Broadsoft UC-One Communicator". You may see multiple similarly named apps, but you want the one with the exact name and icon that looks like this:
    UC-One Communicator logo

Use Your Softphone Client

Before you set up your Softphone Client, you must enable softphone functionality in the portal for your MIT Broadsoft account. Otherwise it will not work.

  1. Open your BroadSoft UC-One Communicator client
  2. MITvoip BroadSoft UC-One Communicator settings (you may not need all of these depending on your device type/client):
    • Phone Number: Your MIT phone number
    • Server Address:
    • Xsi Action: com.broadsoft.xsi-actions
  3. Login with your MIT Kerberos identity and password.
    Do not include the portion of your MIT email address.
  4. You can send and receive calls immediately. You can repeat these steps to add as many authorized devices as desired.
    Be aware of the following when using your softphone:
    • Data rates may apply when you are not connected to wifi.
    • Log out of the application if you do not wish to receive calls via the Communicator.
    • If you would like to use your softphone for video calls, you will need to grant Broadsoft UC-One Communicator access to your device's camera.
    • You may also use your device's contacts by granting Broadsoft UC-One Communicator access to your device's contacts.

For more detailed information by client and platform, see: What are the login details for MIT VoIP BroadSoft Cloud UC-One Communicator Softphones?

Helpful Usage Resources

911 and Your Softphone

  • IS&T recommends that you do not make emergency calls from your Broadsoft UC-One Communicator softphone. Use an alternative wired phone whenever possible, including the MIT blue phones at strategic locations on campus. Calls placed to 911 from a softphone may display inconsistent location information for emergency services and may misdirect and/or delay emergency responses.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

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September 03, 2021

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