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Deactivation email

This page shows an example of the Deactivation Notice that is sent to MIT Kerberos accounts that are scheduled for deactivation.


From: MIT Information Systems & Technology <>
To: <$>
Subject: MIT Kerberos Account Deactivation Notice

Good day,

This is to notify you that your MIT computer account, $, is scheduled for deactivation on or shortly after February 22, 2024.

For details about this process, including steps to take before deactivation, please see the MIT Kerberos Account Deactivation FAQ. Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) strongly encourages you to back up your email, Dropbox and Google Workspace files, and the contents of your Athena home directory before your account is deactivated.

If you need to maintain access to your account, have your current sponsor visit to request that your account be extended. If you don't have a sponsor, a current full-time faculty or staff member can sponsor your account by emailing a written request to

Please see the MIT Kerberos Account Deactivation FAQ for answers to common questions. If you have additional questions or need assistance, email, or call IS&T's 24/7 support line at 617-253-1101.

Note: This email is not a phishing scam. A copy of this message is available at


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December 14, 2023

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