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Q: How do I give someone authoring permissions in The Knowledge Base?

The Knowledge Base team can grant authoring permission. Send email to
Authoring permission is restricted to members of the MIT Community. Individuals must have an active Kerberos ID.


  • If the requestor is an IS&T staff member, they should already have access. If for some reason they do not:
  1. Add them to moira groups ist-contributors, mit-contributors
  2. The following day send an email to notify the person. See article [archive:Permissions reply email for IS&T staff]

  • If the requestor is an Author who needs to grant reviewers read access to their drafts in the draft space:
  1. Add them to the moira group ist-readers

  • If the requestor is an MIT affiliate not in IS&T:
  1. Add them to the moira group mit-contributors
  2. The following day send an email to notify the person. See article Permissions reply email for MIT affiliates
  • The permissions take effect after the next regular Moira update.


  • If you need to grant someone access immediately, you can directly add them to the appropriate group in The Knowledge Base.
  1. Go to Site Administration > Manage Users
  2. Search by username (kerberos name)
  3. The user's group memberships will display
  4. Edit Groups to modify
    Note: Please be sure to also add them to the corresponding Moira group or their permissions will disappear at the next Moira update.
  • Some staff have non-standard group memberships, e.g. Sloan Technology, Libraries.
    The easiest way to figure this out is to look at the group memberships of another person in their area who already has access to The Knowledge Base.
  • If other permissions are requested and you're not sure they should be granted, contact

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October 10, 2019

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