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Event Planning

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
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Atlas Event Planning application enables users to register their MIT events. Events will be subject for approvals, based on the criteria such as: the type of event, the number of attendees, who is attending, if alcohol will be served, if there will be entertainment, the event space(s) and whether MIT police presence is required.

Event Planning consists of the following sections:
My Events - Allows users to track the status of their event.
Room Catalog - Where users can find a room on campus suitable for their event with the contact listed to reserve the space.
Register Event - Event planners submit their events.
Find Events - Users can search for events on campus.
Planning Resources - A list of resources to help users to prepare for their event.
Event Approval Inbox - Event approvers will go here to approve or reject events.

Access the Event Planning Application

Event Planning is part of the Atlas default menu. It can also be accessed from the Atlas Full Catalog.
Note: For more information on the Atlas menu, please see How do I Build My Atlas Menu?

Using the Event Planning Application

My Events
Using the Room Catalog
Register Event
Event Approval Inbox
Find Events
Planning Resources


Room Catalog/Room Reservation

Can I reserve my space in the Event Planning application?
Room reservation is separate from the Event Planning application and should be done prior to registering your event. Please refer to Venues and Spaces.

A room that I need is not listed in the catalog?
You can request a new space to be added to the catalog by contacting the IS&T Service Desk or if you're in the process of registering an event, you can click link Can't Find Your Room?
You cannot complete your event registration until the room has been added.

What information should I include in my Add Room Request?

  • Building Name/Number
  • Room Name/Number
  • Any Room Nicknames
  • Room Approver(s)
    Note: It's recommended to include a backup approver in case the main approver is out of the office.
  • Additional information we should know about the space such as the room type, capacity, size, etc.
    Note: If it's a Res-Life space, then room capacity must be provided.
  • Photo of the room
    Note: Photo maximum size is 5MB.

How do I update or remove a space in the catalog?
If you need to update or remove a room in the catalog, contact the IS&T Service Desk and provide the details.

What rooms are not listed in the catalog?
Off-campus spaces are not captured in the room catalog. You can still register an event with an off-campus space. In the registration process, enter the location and check the box that says "This is a Non-MIT Space."

How do I find outdoor spaces in the catalog?
Type "OUT" and you will find the outdoor spaces in the room catalog.

Event Registration

Who can register an event?
Anyone with a Kerberos ID can use the Event Planning application. MIT students, faculty members, staff members and affiliates can submit events.

When does an event require registration?
Please refer to Staff Event Registration Guidelines
Please refer to Res-Life Student Event Registration Guidelines

How do I access Event Planning?
Event Planning is part of the Atlas default menu. It can also be accessed from the Atlas Full Catalog. For more information on the Atlas menu, please see How do I Build My Atlas Menu?

Which group type should I select to register a Res-Life type event?
Use group type “Res-Life Sponsored” for registering Res-Life type events.

What is Host/Day of Event Contact?
Event host is the individual from the sponsoring MIT department who is responsible for the event. If alcohol will be served at the event, then the event host must be 21 or older and have a valid form of ID. Event host can be entered by Name or Kerberos.

What is the process if my event requires an alcohol and/or entertainment license?
The planner/host will receive an email notification that their event requires a one day alcohol and/or entertainment license. The email will provide the planner/host with a link to the City of Cambridge registration website to register their event.
Note: New users will need to create an ID/user profile to access the City of Cambridge site.

How would I know if my space requires a room confirmation?
After you enter your space, you will see "required" next to room confirmation. You cannot complete your event registration until the room confirmation is attached.

What can be attached as a room confirmation?
PDFs, Word documents and pictures of an email/room reservation can be attached. Also, you can enter supporting information in the Additional Confirmation Info box.

I don't understand a question or field in the event registration form?
Click on the tooltip icon to learn more about a field or to better understand a question while registering your event. If there is no tooltip and you have further questions, please contact the IS&T Service Desk for assistance.

What if I don't have all the information when I begin filling out the event registration form?
Click Save and Exit and your event entry will be saved in draft form. You will find your event in My Events, under category Future Events with status of "Still Editing."

I'm planning the event, but I don't have a Host?
A Host and a Planner can be the same person. The Host must attend the event for the whole time and cannot consume alcohol.

Do I need to list a Co-Planner?
You don't need to list a Co-Planner. A Co-Planner is helpful when you have multiple planners planning the same event. Co-planners can change the event before it's submitted for approval and will be notified of approval or return.

Should Res-Life events have a guest list?
Guest lists are a great way to keep track of who is coming and going from your event. You should consider tracking with a guest list regardless of your event size. However, large events and overnight events will require that you keep a guest list. Overnight events will require submission of a guest list 7 days prior to the event. Large events will require that hosts keep a “live” list of those who attend the event at the event door.

What is an open area?
An open area is a space where there is no restriction to who can enter or leave a space. These spaces represent an initial level of risk. For example, an event in a non-confined lounge space with alcohol could have underage individuals enter and attempt to procure alcohol. Another common example would be a courtyard BBQ where uninvited individuals attempt to attend and cause issues.

What is anticipated attendance?
The total number of attendees you expect to attend the event from the event start time to end time.

What if my event ends at midnight?
If your event ends at 12AM. Enter 11:59 PM for the end time.

Does an overnight event i.e. 8pm-1am count as a multi-day?
Yes, overnight events are multi-day events. When a multi-day event is entered the option: This is a recurring or multi-day event will automatically be checked with the description box required. In the description box, provide details of the room usage for each date and time.

Can Email Notifications include a non-MIT email address?
Yes, this can be a MIT and non-MIT email address.

How do I add alcohol, food, entertainment, money, parking, safety, minors or additional information to my event?
At the bottom of the event form, click the appropriate box to add the section to your event registration and complete the required information.

What if I no longer need a section that I added?
Click Remove if you no longer need a section.

Why does Sponsoring Department appear in the alcohol section?
Sponsoring Department will only appear if your event has alcohol and you choose "yes" that alcohol will be purchased with MIT funds. Sponsoring Department is the group that is paying for the alcohol.

Can students be listed as a TIPS-Certified Server?
Yes, TIPS-Certified Server can be a student server.

Can I submit an event that has been in edit status for awhile?
Events in edit status cannot be submitted if they're older than 90 days. You will receive an error if try to submit and will need to register a new event.

What to do if my session has timed out/expired?
If your idle in the application for 60 minutes, then your session will timeout and your event information will not be saved.

What information can be changed for a submitted event?
Event Host and Sober Monitors can be changed for a submitted event.

What if I need to change more than the host for a submitted event?
A submitted event sent for approval cannot be changed unless it is returned for editing. If not returned, then to change a submitted event Cancel the event that was routed for approval and either Clone it or create the event again.

How do I copy an event?
Use My Events or Find Events to search for your event. Click the Clone option to copy the event details. Once an event is submitted it can be cloned.

How do I print a PDF of my event?
Use My Events or Find Events to search for your event. Click the Print PDF option for your event. Once an event is submitted you can print a PDF.

Event Approval Process

How do I know where my event is in the approval process?
Your event status will display on the My Events page. Status will indicate with icons where its pending approval.

I received an email saying an approver requested a change to my event. What do I do?
If you submitted an event that now requires a change requested by an approver, you will receive a notification prompting you for your action. Your event will now display in My Events with status of "Action is Required." You can make the requested and additional changes, then resubmit for approval.

As an approver, how do I access Event Approval Inbox?
Event Approval Inbox can be accessed from My Events. Also, Event Approval Inbox can be found in the Atlas Full Catalog and added to your Atlas menu. For more information on the Atlas menu, please see How do I Build My Atlas Menu

As an approver, how would I know if an event requires my approval?
Approvers will receive email notifications for events pending their approval. Also, notifications will be sent to approvers for events that have been cancelled. Approvers can go to Event Approval Inbox and select category "Awaiting Approval."

I'm not seeing an event in my Event Approval Inbox?
The approval process is sequential. If an event requires multiple approvals, it will not be available in an approver's inbox until it's approved by the preceding approver(s). Or another approver in your group already approved the event. Also, approvers can go to Event Approval Inbox and select category "Pending Other Approval."

Host Approval Process

Does hosts approve events?
Yes, host approval is required if you're designated as the event host and the planner and host are different people. You can go to My Events to confirm that you will be the host of the event. Hosts can also confirm in the approval request email, which is sent to them.

Find Events

Are there restrictions on who can search and view events?
Yes, the restrictions are the following for Find Events:

  • Planners and hosts can view their events.
  • All approvers can see all events that they can potentially approve.
  • Res-Life undergraduate approvers can see all undergraduate events in Res-Life.
  • Res-Life graduate approvers can see all graduate events in Res-Life.
  • FSILG (Fraternities, Sororities & Independent Living Groups) approvers can see all FSILG events.
  • Alcohol approvers can see all events with alcohol paid by their department.
  • Police approvers can see all events.

How can I search for events for multiple years?
You can only search for events for one year at a time. Separate your searches by year.

Authorization and Technical Issues

Who do I contact for authorization issues?
If you have authorization errors, please contact the Atlas Events Team at

Where is my attachment that I added while I'm registering an event?
Firefox for Windows, there has been an issue with attachments not displaying for events. This issue should be resolved if you upgrade to at least Firefox Quantum 61.0.1 version.

I registered an event and its being routed for approval, but the approval icons are missing in My Events. What happened?
When the event is submitted the approvals workflow is not yet complete. If this happens, please refresh/reload your My Events screen and the approval icons will appear.

Additional Resources

Event Planning 101 Training Video: In the Atlas Learning Center, go to the course catalog and click section Events to view the training video.

Event Planning Guide

MIT Events Calendar

Have Questions or Still Need Help?

Please contact the IS&T Service Desk for assistance.

Reference Guide

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