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Event planners submit their events through the Register Event/Register New Event button. Before you enter your event in Atlas, please make sure the event room has been reserved. Room reservation is separate from the Event Planning application and should be done prior to registering your event. How to book a room, please refer to the Campus Activities Complex or the Registrar Office website.

Planners To Know When Registration Is Required:

Key Information To Know When Registering Your Event


  • Click on the tooltip icon to learn more about a field or to better understand a question when registering your event.

Save and Exit:

  • If you're not ready to submit your event, click Save and Exit and your event entry will be saved in draft form. You will find your event in My Events, under category Future Events with status of "Still Editing."
    Note: If the registration form is idle for 60 minutes, then your session will timeout and your event will not be saved.

Host and Planner:

  • A host and a planner can be the same person. The host must attend the event for the whole time and cannot consume alcohol.
  • If the host and planner are different people, then host approval is required. The host can go to My Events to confirm as the event host or can confirm in the approval request email.
  • You don't need to select a Co-planner. A Co-planner is helpful when you have multiple planners planning the same event.
  • Co-planners can change the event before it is submitted for approval and will be notified of approval or return.
  • More than 10 Co-planners can be added to an event.

Event Date and Event Time:

  • If your event ends at midnight. Enter 11:59 PM for the end time.

Recurring or Multi-Day Events:

  • Overnight events are multi-day events. When a multi-day event is entered the option: This is a recurring or multi-day event will automatically be checked with the description box required. In the description box, provide details of the room usage for each date and time.

Space Confirmation:

  • Enter the location number, room name or room type to find your space.
  • Use the Room Catalog to find your space.
  • Type "OUT" and you will find the outdoor spaces in the room catalog.
  • Some spaces will require a room confirmation to be attached.
  • If you have one confirmation from the room coordinator for multiple rooms, you will only need to specify one room in the event registration form as long as you attach the confirmation information for all the rooms.
  • If your event is held in an off-campus space or in a residence hall, then check the appropriate option to indicate its a non-MIT or Residence Hall space.
    Note: Residence hall spaces will have a maximum capacity assigned. If your anticipated attendance exceeds the space capacity, then you will be prompted to explain why. Also, you will need to indicate the maximum number of attendees expected at any one time.
  • Use Can't find your room? to request a new space to be added to the Room Catalog, which will be available for selection in event registration.
    Note: You cannot complete your event registration until the room has been added.

Email Notifications:

  • This will allow you to include additional people that should be notified when your event has been approved. Enter the person's email address.
    Note: This can be a MIT and non-MIT email address.

Alcohol/Food/Entertainment/Money/Parking/Safety/Minors/Additional Information:

  • If your event will include items such as alcohol, food, entertainment, minors, money or need a parking or safety plan attached. Click the appropriate box to add that section to your event registration and complete the required information.
  • Click Remove if you no longer need a section.

Alcohol and Entertainment License:

  • The planner/host will receive an email notification that their event requires a one day alcohol and/or entertainment license. The email will provide the planner/host with a link to the City of Cambridge registration website to register their event.
    Note: New users will need to create an ID/user profile to access the City of Cambridge site.

Continue Button:

  • If required information is missing on the first page, then you will not be able to continue to the next page. An error message will display indicating you cannot continue until the required fields are complete.
  • If all the required information is complete. The continue button will bring you to the last page of event registration, which is Review and Register.

Review and Register:

  • You can review the event details prior to submitting your event.
  • Back to Edit Event will bring you back to the previous page to make changes.
  • A valid cost object is required before submission. This is in case the event will need police detail.
    Note: Cost object will not be charged if police detail is not required.
  • The event host must acknowledge that he/she have read and understand the MIT Host Policies.

Event Approval:

  • Your event registration may require approval, based on the event information provided.
  • The event will show the following group/people that will need to approve your event.

Submit Event

  • Click the Submit button when you're ready to register the event. A message will appear asking if you're sure that your ready to register the event. Click Register or Cancel.
  • Event Host and Sober Monitors can be changed for a submitted event.
  • The Event host can be changed at any time during the approval process by planner, co-planner or current host. The previous host will be notified by email that they're no longer the host of the event. The current host will receive an email. If the previous host already confirmed, then the current host will not have to confirm that he/she will be the host of the event. The event will continue being routed for approval.
  • Host/planner will receive emails when their is submitted for approval, approved by all approvers or if approval was denied.

Cancel and Clone

  • If you need to change more than the host for an event. Cancel the event and Clone it or create it again.
  • The Clone option will copy the event details. Once an event is submitted it can be cloned.

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