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My Events

Displays all the events you have either registered or for which you have started the registration process. Events are divided into three areas: Future Events, Past Events and Cancelled Events. The status of each event will be listed in the STATUS column.

Events can have the following statuses:

  • A submitted event will indicate with icons where its pending approval such as space, alcohol or police approval is required.
  • A submitted event that is approved will display a checkmark.
    Note: A submitted event cannot be changed unless it is returned for editing. To change a submitted event, Cancel the event that was routed for approval and Clone it.
  • If you save and exit your event during the registration process, your event entry will be saved in draft form and will be under Future Events - Still Editing. Note: Events in edit status cannot be submitted if they are older than 60 days. You will receive an error if try to submit and will need to register a new event.
  • If you cancel a submitted or approved event, then the event will appear in the Cancelled Events section with no status.
  • An event that requires a change requested by an approver, you will receive an email notification prompting you for your action. Your event will now display with an Action Required status. You can make the requested and additional changes and resubmit for approval.
  • An event can require a host approval, if the planner and host are different people. The event status will display as Host Confirmation Needed. This is to confirm that you will be the host for the event.

Search for Events

  • You can view events by selecting in the Show field to display All Events (by date) or All Events (by status)
  • Events can be found by entering keywords in the Search field.
  • Use the Previous and Next buttons, enter the Page Number or select the Number of Rows to find events.

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August 13, 2018

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