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Event Approval Inbox

This is where approvers will go to view events pending their approval. Approvers can Approve or Reject events with comments.

Event Approval Inbox can be accessed from My Events. Also, Event Approval Inbox can be added to your Atlas menu. For more information on building the Atlas menu, please see How do I Build My Atlas Menu?

Approvers will receive email notifications for events pending their approval. Also, notifications will be sent to approvers for events that have been cancelled.
Note: It's recommended for an approver to have a backup approver to receive the same requests.

Different event types will have different approval criteria. The approval process is sequential. If an event requires multiple approvals, it will not be available in an approver's inbox until it's approved by the preceding approver(s).
Note: Approvers will have the option to add additional general attachments to events upon approval.

In Event Approval Inbox, you can view the following categories of events:

  • Awaiting Approval
  • Pending Other Approval
  • Approved Events
  • Returned to Planner
    Note: Rejected events will appear here.
  • Expired Events

Search for Events

  • There is a Search option in each category to find events using keywords.
  • The Search option is helpful if you have multiple events in a category.

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July 12, 2018

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