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WIN.MIT.EDU is an IS&T centrally maintained Microsoft Windows domain intended for general use by any and all users, departments, labs, centers, or DLC, and offices. Its structure and features are intended to foster efficiency and collaboration across the Institute by providing a common set of services, data and tools. Many aspects and features within this Domain are customizable by participating DLCs and in certain cases individual users. Although WIN is not intended to meet every specific need on campus as a platform, it is a product and set of associated services intended to meet the needs of most users.

WIN.MIT.EDU provides not only single sign-on to systems and applications within the domain, but also extends this single sign-on to other Kerberos-enabled systems in use at MIT.

Directory data is fed from other MIT systems into the WIN.MIT.EDU Domain Active Directory, or AD, database. This includes information from the Data Warehouse and Moira. In the future we also expect to feed some data from the MIT Roles system into AD. This means that users can have access to common and consistent data, names, and access control lists across a variety of computer systems at MIT.

Benefits and Key Features

  • Fosters efficiency and collaboration across the Institute by providing a common set of services, data, and tools.
  • Many customizable aspects.
  • MIT Kerberos username/password integration.
  • OpenAFS is optional on machines within the domain. However, OpenAFS for Windows is not supported by IS&T.
  • DFS Roaming profile that is maintained and accessible.
  • Extensions to standard Windows Group Policy settings unique to MIT.
  • Periodic self-maintenance scripting and behavior.
  • Extensive scripting.
  • Central logging of system, application, and security events to a secure central log server, allowing for troubleshooting and backtracking in case of total system failure.
  • Integrated problem/bug reporting system.

How to Use

Troubleshooting and FAQ's

Additional escalation information for Help Staff can be found here:
  • [hd:Host lookup page for machines]
  • [hd:How do I know who administers a machine?]
  • [hd:Self maintenance page for]

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

Last Modified:

July 01, 2020

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