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Video Recording and Delivery - Archive

Keeping an archive of your "edited master" (your audio or video saved from the editing software before it's been encoded) will allow you to re-edit easily, and will ensure that you have an original copy of the video. These files are generally very large, so you'll need to ensure that you have sufficient space.


DSpace is MIT's online institutional repository. It allows MIT faculty to store their content in an organized, secure and searchable archive. Note, however, that DSpace is a true archive in the sense that content stored here may not be edited or otherwise revised.

Athena Locker

Size limitations can make storing original video or audio content in an Athena locker difficult, but it can be a good storage solution. Note that you will need to review access permissions for this content if multiple users need to access it.

For information, visit Getting Started with Athena - Backing up and Restoring Files.


While susceptible to physical damage and limited by size constraints, DVDs can be used to store original media formats.

Personal Hard Drive

Perhaps the simplest way to store your edited master is on an external hard drive. No special arrangements need to be made for access, and any file type can be stored on this medium.

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