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Video Recording and Delivery - Record

Video recording process

Rent or buy a video kit, or hire someone to help with your recording.

MIT Services

MIT Video Productions provides full-service video production, including recording, editing and delivery on a fee-based system. If your video is for students to review during the semester (to accommodate time-shifting or review prior to an exam), your highest priority is probably quick turnaround from recording to presentation, and MIT Video Productions is the best option for this.

MIT OpenCourseWare records a few videos each year as part of their standard course publication process. There is no charge for this service, but production is limited to courses already planned for publication on OCW.

Do-It-Yourself Video Recording

Video cameras and accessories are available to rent for do-it-yourself capture from Audio Visual Services. Please refer to their price list. In addition, the following equipment providers are in the Cambridge area; however, they are external to MIT and not formally endorsed:

For recommendations on video hardware for purchase at various price points, please refer to this recommended equipment list.

Do-It-Yourself Audio Recording

A good audio recording can be made with a wide variety of cost-effective devices. You can also see the price ranges for these devices on the recommended equipment list.

One very effective but inexpensive way to present course content and other presentations is by synchronizing audio with PowerPoint or other presentation slides. Sildeshare is a free web-based application that will easily synchronize audio files and PowerPoint slides. Camtasia allows you to create a screen recording from your computer. Files produced using Camtasia, Slideshare, or Screenflow for Macs can be uploaded to any site that accepts video files. Exporting to a .swf format is not recommended since many video sharing websites won't accept these files. Exporting to just about any other standard video format would be recommended such as .mov, .mp4, .wmv, .avi, etc.

Video Production Checklist

Whether you choose to capture the video yourself or use an MIT Service, the Video Production Checklist provides guidelines for producing the best possible video.

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