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Recommended Browsers for the SuccessFactors PDR Tool

The Performance and Development Review (PDR) system is not dependent on any specific operating system. All capabilities are accessible through a web browser via Touchstone authentication.

NOTE: PDR is not currently available for mobile devices.


Web Browsers Supported as of 2/19/2014:

  • Internet Explorer 11 [with Compatibility mode enabled] (See IE 11 known issue, below.)
  • Internet Explorer 8 to 10 (except Explorer 10 Metro)
  • Firefox ** (Note: IS&T recommends Firefox ESR.)
  • Safari 5, 6 and 7
  • Chrome **

**  Please Note: Mozilla (Firefox) and Chrome (Google) are releasing continuous updates to the Firefox and Chrome Browsers. Every effort has been made to ensure PDR is fully tested on the latest releases, but new versions may introduce defects that are specific to the browser. There is currently one known issue with supported browsers (see below). IS&T encourages Firefox users to install Firefox ESR to avoid most issues created by continuous updates to other versions of Firefox.

IS&T Information on Web Browsers

Known Browser Issues:

Internet Explorer 11: Unless Compatibility mode is enabled (see [How to change your setting for Compatibility mode for Internet Explorer]), the Add a Goal pop-up window will not automatically close after writing goal details and selecting "Save Changes" or "Cancel." This can lead to the Goal window hiding behind the main browser window. See Nothing happens when I click on the Add Goal button in the PDR tool.

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July 10, 2017

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