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Nothing happens when I click on the Add Goal button in the PDR tool

After clicking on the Add Goal button, the Add Goal window should open. If it doesn't, please try the following steps:

Turn off your pop-up blocker

Click on the link and then the button

  • Follow the steps detailed below in order to add a goal:
    add goal screen capture

Make sure you are using a compatible web browser

For recommended web browsers, see Recommended Browsers for the SuccessFactors PDR Tool

If you are using Internet Explorer 11, the following may apply:

  • If you've already opened the Add Goal window earlier in the PDR process, it may still be open in the background.
  • If it is already open, it may not come to the foreground when you click on the Add Goal button.
  • You may need to minimize the main window in order to see it.
  • If the Add Goal window does not close when you click Save or Cancel, click the red X in the upper right corner to close the box.

To prevent this IE11 problem in the future, enable Compatibility mode for the domain (See: How to change your setting for Compatibility mode for Internet Explorer)

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April 15, 2014

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