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Q: Where do I obtain a copy of Spirion (formerly Identity Finder)?


IS&T acquired a quantity of licenses for distribution to staff potentially handling sensitive data within MIT.

It is available for download via the Software Download page for staff of MIT.

If you need more than one copy (for example, for your whole group), and you would like a container set up in the Spirion (formerly Identity Finder) console for managing the group, send a request to

If you are a customer of DITR (Distributed IT Resources), you can request an installation of the software by your DITR IT administrator. If part of the MIT Win Domain, your container administrator can obtain a copy for you.

The benefits of using the IS&T licensed software is that it is pre-configured for the MIT environment and it is an Enterprise version, with centralized administration. This enables your computer's Spirion reports to be sent to a console, managed by IS&T and accessible by a limited number of DLC IT administrators. The reports indicate if any sensitive data has been found on your system and what was done to protect the information (whether the file was secure-deleted, encrypted, or redacted). It does not report the content of the information found.

If you haven't found the answer to your question on this page, try the Spirion (formerly Identity Finder) FAQ. Users of MIT-owned computers can request a copy of Spirion (formerly Identity Finder) via:

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January 11, 2019

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