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Q: How do I release a job from the Pharos Omega touch panel?

  • How do I release a print job on the printer "lerman"?
  • How do I release a print job on the printer "bricks"?
  • How long can I wait to release a job from "lerman" or "bricks"?


  • Student printing
  • Student Center (W20) services
  • Pilot project of Pharos hold-and-release student printer



See [archive:What's the story behind the printer "lerman" on the first floor of the Student Center?] for more information about the printer, and links to set it up on your Mac or PC.

Set your username on your computer correctly
The printer groups jobs by the username that's used when a job is submitted. On Athena it will automatically use your correct username. Your Mac or PC will use the name you set when you set up your computer. You should set it to your name or your MIT username. This is a good idea in general, but especially important if you would like to find your print job to release it to the printer.

Releasing a job on the Pharos Omega touch panel.

Follow the instructions on the Pharos Omega touch panel to:

  1. Begin by touching the screen.
  2. Touch your username in the list of users with submitted jobs.
  3. Touch the job in your list of jobs (if you have more than one) you want to print.
  4. Touch the Print button - the job should start printing in seconds.

Note: Jobs must be released within 30 minutes of being submitted or they will be removed automatically from the queue and will have to be resubmitted.

Illustrated example

  1. Locate the Pharos Omega touch panel. It is attached to the wall behind the printer.
    Pharos Omega touch panel

  2. Press the idle screen with your finger to begin.
    Idle screen

  3. The touch panel will display a list of users with pending submitted job counts.
    List of users with pending jobs

  4. Find your name in the list and touch it to go to your list of submitted jobs.
    Select your name

  5. Touch the job you want to print on your list of jobs to highlight it. You can use the job name to find it, or the submission time.
    Select job to print

  6. Touch the Print button to send the job to the printer. It should start printing within seconds.
    Touch print screen

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October 07, 2020

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