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Q: What is stored in an MIT Personal Certificate?


Information stored in the certificate includes:

  • Your "real name" as defined in your Athena account information
  • Your email address @MIT.EDU
  • The expiration date of your certificate
  • The words "Massachusetts Institute of Technology"
  • The name of our state (Massachusetts)
  • The internationally recognized country code for our country (US)
  • A 2048-bit RSA public key, uniquely created when you visit
  • A serial number, uniquely identifying the certificate

It is not possible to obtain the following information directly from your certificate:

  • MIT ID number
  • Account class (i.e., staff, student, etc)
  • password
  • anything else not listed above

Each site that uses certificates handles them differently; however, most use the email address field to look up information that they need (such as MIT ID number, etc).

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August 03, 2020

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  1. Feb 03, 2016

    You can go to to see the contents of your certificate.

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