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Q: What if no classroom training options are available?


If there are no scheduled classroom sections available, you can prebook for the class and be notified when the next section is scheduled:

  1. Follow the My EHS Training link to your summary page.
  2. Select the text link to Training to be completed, then select the button Register for Classroom Training.
    Result: A new window opens containing the MIT Training and Development Catalog at the Environment, Health and Safety page. This page contains a list of EHS training courses. Those marked with an asterisk (*) have current classroom sections scheduled.
  3. To register for a class, scroll through the list to find the class you want and click on the it.
    Result: A page appears with the description of the class, the schedule, and registration links.
  4. If there are no scheduled sections available to you or that work with you schedule, you can prebook for the class and be notified when the next section is scheduled by selecting Prebook from the navigation options on the left.

Return to My EHS Training.

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February 15, 2012

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  1. Jan 12, 2009

    In July 2007, the IS&T Training Registrars told me that prebooking does not actually cause you to be notified when the next session is scheduled. It's more of a bookmarking feature that allows the user to keep a list of classes they're interested in. Is this true for EHS training as well as computer training?

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