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How can I get a file restored from the AFS backups?

  • How do I restore a file from backup?
  • How do I retrieve a file from an AFS backup?



First, please be sure the file is not available in your OldFiles directory. For more information on recovering a file from OldFiles, please see "How can I recover a file I just deleted from my locker?".

Athena Server Operations makes regular tape backups of the contents of most AFS lockers. These backups are intended for restoration in the event of a file server crash. Please keep in mind that if a file did not exist overnight, then it most likely was never backed up, and cannot be restored.

If an important file has been lost or damaged, it may be possible to have a backup copy of the locker containing this file restored from tape. This can be done for user home directories, as well as other types of lockers. Such restores will be done as time permits by Athena Operations staff, and you can expect a turn around time of up to one week on these requests.

To submit a request, send mail to containing the full path name to the list file (e.g. /mit/joeuser/thesis/irreplacable_thesis.tex) of the file(s) that you would like restored, as well as an approximate range of dates when the file(s) were on disk.

Restores processed by request are not placed in the original locker, but in a separate location, to allow you to incorporate the lost data at your convenience. When the restore request is completed, you will be notified by mail as to where you can find the restored files.

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