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Q: Why can't people see a design or layout change I made on my Drupal Cloud website?

  • I updated the CSS on my Drupal Cloud site, but the new design is not showing up for my visitors.
  • I changed the layout of my Drupal Cloud site, but visitors are still seeing the old layout.
  • I placed my site into DrupalCloud Maintenance Mode, but people can still see it.


Your visitors are seeing cached content. You need a clear cache for the change to appear for visitors not logged into your site.

The Drupal Cloud service uses a caching system that doesn’t always detect small design changes like the moving of a block from one region to another, a CSS update, or the activation of maintenance mode. The cache is more content-aware than layout- or style-aware. This can cause a site change to be viewable over https (such as when you are logged in) but not over http (which is how many visitors will see it) until the cache is updated.


A content manager can trigger a cache update by doing the following:

  1. Log in to your site as a content manager.
  2. Navigate to Menu -> Configuration -> Development -> Performance, or visit
  3. Click the Clear All Caches button.

When you see the “caches clear” message, visit your pages again over http. Refreshing the pages refreshes the cache, and ensures that visitors will see your changes. Compare how your site looks over http with how it looks over https to confirm.

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July 22, 2020

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