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Duo - What should I do if I get a new phone? How to switch registered devices.

Deactivate any device you no longer have

If, for any reason, you no longer have a device that was registered for Duo two-factor authentication, you should deactivate it immediately.
How to deactivate a device registered for Duo two-factor authentication

Register your new device

If you get a new phone, you should register it for Duo authentication soon as possible.

If your new phone has the same phone number as your old one and is the same operating system (iOS, Android, etc)

  1. Login to Duo
  2. Click the button to Send Activation Code
    Result: You will receive a text message with a link to the application.
    Click on this link to install the Duo application
  3. You will also receive a second text message with the activation link. Once you've installed Duo, click on this link to register your phone with Duo.

If your new phone has a new phone number

Follow the directions to register a new device here: How to Register a Smart Phone for Duo two-factor authentication

If your new phone has a the same phone number, but you have switched mobile operating systems (e.g. you switched from iOS to Android)

  1. Deactivate the old device.
  2. Register your new device.

How to authenticate to Duo when I get a new phone?

If you got a new phone, you should still be able to authenticate to Duo, as long as you fill one of these criteria:

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