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Passwordless file transfer using Kerberos and WinSCP

  1. Install WinSCP from, use default options when prompted
  2. Get Kerberos ticket for the account you want to log in
  3. If you have multiple tickets, you need to "make default" the one you want to use for the remote server.
  4. Double click WinSCP, double click "New Site".
  5. For File protocol, use either SFTP or SCP
  6. Enter hostname you want to connect to
  7. Enter username (this is the username on the remote host you want to connect as)
  8. In the drop down labelled "Advanced", choose "Advanced" then authentication.
  9. Check both checkboxes under GSSAPI
  10. Uncheck "Attempt authentication using Pageant
  11. Click OK, then Save the session setting.

You should be able to connect without password (You might be prompted WRT host key, make sure you save it to avoid the prompt in the future)


Documentation and information provided by the MIT Community

Last Modified:

February 01, 2016

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