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Zoom AI Companion FAQ

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Zoom recently introduced an artificial intelligence-powered assistant, Zoom AI Companion, as a component of several platform features used widely at MIT.

The AI Companion is available for MIT users to choose to activate for its Meeting Summary, AI Companion Questions, Smart Recording, and Whiteboard Content Generation features.


How do I enable or disable Zoom AI Companion features for my MIT Zoom account?

Sign in to and visit the AI Companion tab under Settings.

Which Zoom products available at MIT include Zoom AI Companion features?

From Zoom's documentation:

Healthcare and education customers have unique industry-specific data security and privacy concerns. As such, for those customers with BAAs in place with us, certain AI Companion features will be made available once the necessary HIPAA compliance is provided for these features.

Currently, Meeting Summary, Smart Recording for Meetings, and Thread Summary for Team Chat are available for Healthcare and Education accounts with BAAs in place.

Zoom product Product status at MIT AI Companion status at MIT
Meetings available available
Mail not available n/a
Team Chat available not available
Whiteboard available available

What do the AI companion features do?

  • Meeting Summary enables hosts to generate and send meeting summaries for participants.
  • Questions enables hosts and invited participants to ask questions to the AI Companion during a meeting, which are then answered based on the conversation transcript.
  • Smart Recording enables highlights, summaries, smart chapters, and next steps to be added to Zoom cloud recordings.
  • Whiteboard Content Generation enables creation of content for stickies, tables, and mind maps in Zoom whiteboards.

For more, see: Getting Started with ZOom AI COmpanion

Will zoom use my data to train Zoom’s or third-party AI models.

Zoom does not use any audio, video, chat, screen sharing, attachments or other communications-like content (such as poll results, whiteboards, and reactions) to train Zoom’s or third-party AI models.

What are Zoom's data usage policies for the AI Companion feature?

See How Zoom AI Companion features handle your data

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February 02, 2024

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