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Working with the Command Line

About This Document

This document covers the use of the command line (shell) to interact with Athena. Before reading this, you should be familiar with the topics discussed in Getting Started with Athena.

The conventions used in Athena documents for describing special characters are:

  • C-x or Ctrl-x means press x while holding down the Control key.
  • joeuser@athena:~$ ls filename is a shell command. The text in bold is what you should type at the shell prompt ("joeuser@athena:~$"). The text in italics indicates that you should substitute the relevant information (in this example, a file name) before typing the command.
  • Generally, you should press Enter or Return after typing a shell command unless instructed otherwise.

Table of Contents

This document is designed so that you can tackle the topics in any order, however we recommend the following:

Further Reading

For more detailed information about your shell, you may wish to consult "Learning Bash" or "Using csh and tcsh". Both of these books are published by O'Reilly and are available online through the MIT Libraries' subscription to O'Reilly's Technical Books.

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August 19, 2021

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