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Protecting a Web Directory via Certificates - more technical background


You have a web directory, and you want to use certificates to limit who has access.

The basic instructions are here: Web Publishing - Access privileges on A more technical explanation of how it works follows.

Protecting a Directory

In order to certificate-protect a directory, you need to do some setup
with "fs sa", and also some setup with a file.

"fs sa" controls what the AFS server will allow you to do. controlls what the server will allow you to do.

- You use "fs sa" to ensure that your authors have "rlidwka" permisson,
  which will let you upload new web pages and administer the file.
- You use "fs sa" to ensure that the group "system:anyuser" has no
  permission, to make sure that people can't sneak in behind your back
  and read the files straight out of AFS, bypassing the web server.
- You use "fs sa" to ensure that the group ""
  (the servers) has "rl" permission, which lets the
  web servers read the HTML code in your files.

- Because the web server has "rl" permission, it can read the files
  and can show them to people who go to
  You use the file to give the web server instructions
  about who it is allowed to show the files to.


If you want members of "museum-photos" to be able to see the files via , then yes, you need to put 
 require group museum-photos
into the file, which will instruct the web server to
check certificates and only show the pages to the right people.

But you also need to use "fs sa" to set things up so that the web
server can read the files, and so that you can update the files.

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June 05, 2014

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